How To Let Your Significant Other Know They Feel Like Home


It’s not enough to tell your significant other they feel like home. For it to bear weight and meaning, I would need that special person in my life to know that at the end of the day I can return to my house. I can cook, eat, sleep, and take physical shelter from the outer elements inside that house. But without love, that house is not a home. 

It can be difficult to let your significant other know just how significant they are in your life. How do you let them know they feel like home? First, one must define what home means. 

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines home as the house or apartment where one lives. This definition is very literal. It can also be the place where one was born or grew up. This definition signifies there may be more to a home than just a place where you dwell. 

The poetic meaning behind a home is far more than just a place where you live. They express home as something more intangible, something you feel. A home is a place where love is captured and felt. 

But how do we convey that meaning to our significant other? How do you let them know they feel like home? 

I’ve lived in many different places. I grew up in a house with my parents. And as a child I would have called that house and the city my home. There was love and understanding there. 

As an adult, on my own, home needed to grow with me. I’ve lived in an apartment on my own. That was a shelter for sure, but not a home. I tried moving in with what I thought was a significant other, but I found no love there. It was a shelter, not a home. 

I was finally home on a night when I was far from the city I grew up in. I was home in the presence of a guy I’d only spoken to online. His smile, his laugh, and most of all his embrace. That’s when I felt like I was home. 

In all of our conversations, my one regret is not telling him that he was home. 

This is how I would let my significant other know they feel like home:

“Home is not a place alone

At the the end of each day I return to my house

But not my home

My home is where you are

Your smile encomapasses me like the sun

Your voice manages to calm the inner storm

When I hear the words

Go home

I would think of your embrace

Wherever you are

When I’m with you,

That’s when I’ve come home”

Feature Image by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash


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