How A Healthy Kitchen Leads To A Healthy Life


Everyone loves good health and we usually spend thousands of dollars yearly in the quest for good health. What most people don’t realize is that the kitchen can play a key role in a healthy life. With the amount of time we spend in the kitchen either cooking or having meals, the kitchen must be in a healthy state. The food we eat can either influence our health negatively or positively. A healthy kitchen will mean a healthy life while an unhealthy kitchen will lead to an unhealthy life. The effects the kitchen has on the healthy are usually specific and it includes:

Kitchen design

The design of your kitchen has more influence on your health and most people don’t know about it. From the arrangement of the kitchen to the placement of food items in whatever order you choose. You can design the kitchen to optimize health benefits like smoke and heat absorption. Placing fans and exhaust vents in strategic locations allows for healthy cooking and eating while preventing harmful gases from spreading into other rooms of the house. You can also include a reverse osmosis water filter in your kitchen to have fresh drinking water whenever you want. When it comes to kitchen design, you may need to do a full kitchen remodel to get all the necessary changes in the kitchen. Not all kitchens may have provisions for the optimal healthy kitchen features you would like, and building them may require massive changes. It may be more profitable to build up the kitchen in a full remodel rather than make the changes individually. Kitchen remodeling is best left to professionals and will live you with a better kitchen overall. 

Cooking frequency

Most people will prefer to eat out rather than eating at home when the kitchen isn’t healthy. A healthy kitchen will involve proper control and disposal of cooking gases, improving the entire environment. With a healthier kitchen environment, you will find that you are motivated to cook more frequently in the house. You eliminate the reasons prompting you to eat out, and in turn, have greater control over what you eat. 

Control over your food contents

In this context, a healthy kitchen refers to a kitchen free of junk. Eating out has the added risk of not knowing some of the ingredients used in preparing the meals. By eating at home, you have complete control over every step in the cooking process and the health content in each step. You can have all healthy foods, which will help regulate your health and reduce any health issues you may already have. You can also keep an eye out for the nutritional content of your cooking ingredients to ensure they are in line with your nutritional requirements. 

Pest and diseases

A dirty kitchen can attract pests and insects and they can eat regular food, even laying eggs there. Pests and insects are usually carriers of disease-causing pathogens and can deposit these pathogens in your food. Cooking food that has been contaminated by animals or pests, either orally or fecally can lead to serious health problems. To ensure that your food source is safe from pests and diseases, you will need to make sure you keep your kitchen clean. Not only will you have a clean kitchen to cook in, but you will also be free of pests and diseases. 

Proper waste management

Proper waste management is key to maintaining a healthy kitchen environment. Placing waste materials close to food storage or water sources can negatively influence the quality of food and water in your home. You are at risk of health problems when water materials make it into the water or food sources. The waste particles don’t even have to make it into the food or water source. By simply being in proximity of the kitchen, waste can damage food and water. Kitchen waste should be kept in locked areas, away from the food or water sources to maintain a healthy kitchen.


A healthy kitchen will generally lead to a healthier life and an improved diet. A healthy kitchen entails more than just cleanliness, including healthy foods, keeping out pests and diseases, as well as proper waste management. By having a healthy kitchen, your cooking and eating habits become healthier, leading to better health.

Photo by MART PRODUCTION via Pexels


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