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5 Research-Backed Reasons We Wear Makeup


Are you heading out tonight? Women can end up spending hours applying various kinds of cosmetics. In my case, no bag of makeup is complete without foundation, lipstick, and some blush from brands like Organic Pharmacy.

But is there a rationale behind this phenomenon? Is there a scientific reason why we naturally gravitate toward makeup? We can all acknowledge that many women don’t go out without wearing it, but we should all question why that’s the case.

Below, I’ll explain 5 research-backed reasons why women like you and me wear makeup. Some of these reasons may surprise you, and you might not even agree with a few of them, but in the end, you will understand the facts and rationale behind why women wear makeup.

1. Women love makeup.

This age-old question is answered by marketing research powerhouse Ipsos and nail care brand Sally Hansen. According to their makeup research, most women wear makeup because they enjoy it. After applying makeup, women report feeling more confident. Over 80% of women who wear makeup religiously claim to find it empowering, while 65% of those polled took pride in mastering beauty tricks. So, you should wear what you love if it makes you feel better about yourself!

2. Men are attracted to red lips.

Some argue that the color contrast between skin tones and red color is more attractive to straight men. One field study found that men will feel more inclined to approach women wearing red lipstick more frequently than women wearing different shades of lipstick or none at all. In my and my friends’ personal experiences, I assure you that red lipsticks will, at the very least, make more people look your way. It’s nice to feel good about yourself, but what’s even better is having others take notice of our beauty!

3. Makeup adds facial symmetry.

The use of foundation is widely recognized as a way to enhance men and women’s appearances. It gives those who wear it a more balanced and healthy look. According to one study, when men judged women on their attractiveness, foundation was the common factor among women deemed to be the most attractive. The magic of foundation is that it evens out skin tone, so if you suffer from visible blemishes on your face and neck, as I and many women do, a good application of foundation may be exactly what you need!

4. Makeup makes you look healthier.

Makeup can help us receive positive perceptions from others. According to the findings of a recent study, women photographed wearing makeup were perceived to be fresher, more confident, and even earn more than their makeup-less counterparts. These findings suggest that, when used correctly, makeup can play an important role in self-presentation. Places like the Organic Pharmacy may help women achieve a healthier look.

5. Exaggerated youth is appealing.

Women considered eye makeup to be one of the most important factors in facial beauty. Eyeliner and mascara can embellish facial youthfulness, such as rounder eyes and smaller noses, which are thought to be attractive. And let’s be honest—we all want to look a little younger. If makeup can chip away three to four years of age from our faces, who’s to say we shouldn’t do what makes us look and feel young?

Makeup is important, but far too many of us make the mistake of overusing it to the point where the benefits of health, youth, and symmetry are lost. What I and many other people suggest is that you should take note of the kind of impression you wish to make, and use makeup to boost your natural beauty.

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