6 Must-Try BBQ Recipes That Will Blow Your Mind

In the mood for barbeque? Look no further! We’ve got you covered with seven incredibly unique and healthy BBQ recipes that are sure to please you. Some of these recipes are spins on a classic, while others we’re sure you’ll be seeing for the very first time. From main dishes to sides to snacks, we’ve got you covered. 

The best part about these recipes is that they’re easily customizable for whatever event you’re cooking for and whoever you’re feeding. There’s no wrong way to barbecue!

1. Vegan Caesar Salad with BBQ Sweet Potato Croutons

Who said all salads are boring? This mouth-watering recipe is crunchy and savory, with a super simple, plant-based Caesar dressing that pulls everything together to top off this must-try recipe. And 30 minutes is all that’s needed to pull it off! The barbeque flavors are understated, but feel free to adjust the flavor profile as you wish.

2. BBQ Jackfruit Sandwiches with Avocado Slaw

If you’re in the mood for something a bit more substantial, these picnic-friendly barbeque jackfruit sandwiches are a must-try. The fresh, hearty avocado slaw balances out the smoky flavors, and it’s 100% vegan! 

3. Crispy Roasted BBQ Chickpeas

These easy-to-make chickpeas are super tasty and a perfect addition to any salad, bowl, or wrap. You can even enjoy them straight from the pan as a healthy snack alternative. They’re the perfect combination of spicy, sweet, salty, and crispy. 

4. Smoky BBQ Bean Tacos 

This hearty, satisfying, and flavor-packed combination of chipotle peppers in adobo, cumin, and smoked paprika will leave you making this recipe over and over again. And with just ten ingredients, it’s quick and easy to do so!

5. BBQ Bean Bowl with Corn and Coleslaw

Did someone say barbeque bowls? If you’re intrigued, keep reading! These crunchy, creamy, and satisfying bowls are fiber- and protein-rich, and you can pair them with vegan coleslaw, gluten-free cornbread, or grilled corn (or all of the above!) This recipe has a huge flavor profile and endless customizations. 

6. Smoky BBQ Black Bean Burgers

Fire up the grill​​ and say hello to your new favorite veggie burger! Just ten ingredients, customizable, gluten-free, and infused with smoky BBQ flavor. We love using vegan buns, lettuce, cabbage, red pepper, pickles, and a little hot sauce to curate these outrageously addictive burgers. They are so smoky and tender that you won’t even realize they’re completely plant-based!

Have you tried any of these super delicious BBQ recipes? Or is there one we missed that you swear by? Let us know in the comments below! 

Featured image via Pixabay on Pexels


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