4 Perks That Come With Having A Medical Marijuana Card

Many people think that so long as marijuana usage is legal in their state, they don’t need a marijuana card. However, medical marijuana cards can help you in many ways that a recreational license cannot. All you need to get a medical marijuana card in Michigan is a qualifying medical condition and $40 to pay the renewable license fee. Then, you can enjoy these four incredible benefits with your medical marijuana card:

1. Affordability

Medical marijuana is 40 percent cheaper than recreationally purchased CBD products. You also get a 16 percent tax exemption. Therefore, if you present your medical marijuana card when buying the product, you will spend less than you would have when buying it for recreational use. You will notice a cumulative advantage from both the retail price and tax rates on the CBD products you buy in the two years within which your card is valid.

2. Higher Legal Possession Limits

In many states, you can only recreationally purchase an ounce of marijuana per day. Even if you need it for medical purposes, you will be limited to an ounce if you have no medical marijuana card. 

Fortunately, medical marijuana cardholders can take away up to eight ounces from retailers. Moreover, some states prohibit recreational users from growing marijuana and buying CBD products with high THC content. You can avoid all of that with your medical marijuana card.

3. Use Products With Higher THC Content

Remember the strict statutory limits on how much you can recreationally buy or grow marijuana? With a medical marijuana card, you access products with higher THC content than those sold to recreational users

You access products with higher THC levels than you could before acquiring a medical marijuana card. Higher THC level products are prescribed to effectively treat and manage diseases and pain than those retailed for recreational use.

4. Natural, Alternative Medicine Without Side Effects

Conventional medications can cause side effects like nausea, vomiting, and skin irritation. In some cases, these symptoms can be even worse.  However, marijuana use leaves you well-medicated with a healthy appetite.

If you’re curious, you can get a medical marijuana card for cognitive disorders, chronic illnesses, and even serious health conditions or terminal illnesses like cancer. If you think your condition may qualify, check with your doctor.

Although you must jump through some red tape to get your medical marjuana card, the benefits outweigh the hassle. If you live with a chronic health condition or experience frequent pain, you should absolutely consider a medical marijuana card if your state allows them.

Featured Image by Sharon McCutcheon from Pexels


  1. Thank you for sharing this. To be honest, despite the fact that I tried to persuade my father to apply for a medical marijuana card, he certainly does not want it. He motivates this by the fact that he can now buy medical marijuana without much difficulty. And no matter how hard I tried to explain, it will be much more convenient and simpler this way. But now I can just show him your article and prove that these are not only some of my desires but proven facts and obvious advantages from owning such a card. Thank you for showing the best aspects of having this card. Perhaps it can motivate other people.


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