14 Songs Every Empowered Woman Needs To Hear Right Now

March is Women’s History Month, so if you’re a woman, now is the perfect time to be your most empowered, authentic self. But how can you remind yourself how strong you are on your bad days? Here are 14 songs that will help every empowered woman release her inner strength:

1. “Good Trouble” – Leigh Nash feat. Ruby Amanfu

For the women who know where they come from and where they’re going. For the women who are tired of remaining silent, quiet, and fearful because they know how worthy they are.

I’ve grown tired of being so careful/About speaking my truth with soft words/Out on the streets I’m fearful/Even though inside I know my worth

2. “drivers license” – Olivia Rodrigo 

For the women who are fighting through the love they still have for their exes. For the women who are slowly learning to accept that being heartbroken is okay.

“I know we weren’t perfect but I’ve never felt this way for no one/And I just can’t imagine how you could be so okay, now that I’m gone.”

3. “Good Days” – SZA

For the women who walk through the hardest times with smiles on their faces. For the women who consciously choose happiness even when they’re moments away from breaking.

“All the while, I’ll meet my armored fate with a smile/Still wanna try, still believe in (good days, good days on my mind)”

4. “Girls Like Us” – Zoe Wees

For the women who carry secrets that seem far too heavy to bear. For the women who have been forced to relearn how to trust the world around them.

“It’s so hard to explain/With your heart in a cage/Only whisper but you wanna shout.”

5. “Jagged Stars” – Caroline Romano

For the women who always boldly move forward when life pulls them backwards. For the women who are unafraid to admit that they aren’t okay and refuse to let their feelings hinder their lives.

“Numb but we’re bold/Anthems of the youth/Oversold/Dry our tears/‘Cause we don’t wanna be alone.”

6. “We’re Good” – Dua Lipa

For the women who are finally ready to close an emotionally draining chapter in their lives. For the women who no longer fear leaving their relationships and are willing to embrace being alone.

“We gave it all we could/It’s time I wave goodbye from the window/Let’s end this like we should and say we’re good.”

7. “9 to 5” – Dolly Parton 

For the women with plenty of dreams and the confidence to turn them into reality. For the women who never stop hustling in pursuit of their goals, no matter how much they feel like giving up.

“Well you got dreams and you know they matter/Be your own boss, climb your own ladder.”

8. “Next Girl” – Carly Pearce

For the woman who strives to look after her fellow women even when it hurts. For the woman who can put aside her feelings to help her ex’s new love.

“But once upon a time I was/The next girl, I been where you’re at/You overlook a lot when you look like that.”

9. “sorry mom & dad” – Liddy Clark

For the woman who chose to blaze a different trail than her parents did but continues to stay the course. For the woman who always wants to make her parents proud, no matter how old she is.

“But one day I’ll put my flames out and give you both a rest/It may not seem like it right now, but I’m trying my best.”

10. “Not Sayin’” – Jordana Bryant

For the women who love deeply but don’t always reveal their true feelings. For the women who are scared to open up to their partners but are trying to be vulnerable anyways. 

“I’m dropping hints as we share a smile, hoping you’ll get it started/I got this feeling swimming inside me/But I don’t know where your heart is”

11. “Bits & Pieces” – Walker County 

For the women who unapologetically embrace their sexuality. For the women who will never be ashamed of their late-night drunken hook-ups because they know that there’s nothing wrong with casual sex.

“Can’t remember how the whole thing goes/But I know I love those bits and pieces.”

12. “Poor Angel” – Casi Joy

For the women who have always loved releasing their wild sides but try to restrain themselves (sometimes). For the women whose guardian angels are working overtime.

“I’m hell bent on keeping my halo on for now/With that poor angel on my shoulder holdin’ it down.”

13. “A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats” – Amy Jack

For the women who are inspired by those who came before them. For the women who believe that uplifting other women instills hope for the future of womankind.

“A rising tide lifts all boats/You’ve gotta have heart if you wanna have hope.”

14. “Like Me Like You” – TAHNE

For the women who believe that the smallest actions have the power to affect others, even from a distance. For the women who hope to unite all women in this world through the experiences we share.

“The same sun that’s rising on you/The same is setting on me/The same wind you feel on your cheek/The same air that I breathe.”

Whether blasting pop music in your room or jamming to country in your car empowers you, you’re sure to find lyrics you connect with in these songs. So just press play — with this playlist, you’ll feel strong and empowered in no time!

Photo by dusan jovic on Unsplash


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