5 Intriguing Netflix Documentaries You Should Add To Your Watchlist

With thousands of shows and movies on Netflix, the streaming service has something for everyone — even in the documentary genre! To help you decide, we’ve narrowed down the top five docuseries to hit the platform so far in 2021 that have everyone buzzing. From true-crime to reality (Warning: Puppies are involved!), you don’t want to miss out on these new docuseries:

1. Headspace Guide To Meditation

Are you interested in regularly practicing mindfulness and meditation but are unsure of where to start? If your answer is yes, then this new Netflix Original Series is for you! 

Headspace is a company founded by Buddhist monk Andy Puddicombe nearly ten years ago. This company specializes in helping people deal with anxiety, stress, focus, and so much more through guided meditation. The documentary series mimics what you can find on the Headspace App, with an animated showing of the benefits of meditation and some easy suggestions on getting started and how to keep going strong throughout the new year. We’re feeling more relaxed already!

2. Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel

The Los Angeles-based Cecil Hotel is no stranger to suspicious and mysterious activity. In fact, nearly two dozen murders and suicides have taken place on this property from the 1930s up to 2015. Specifically, this new Netflix Original Series covers the bizarre disappearance of a 21-year-old University of British Columbia student, Elisa Lim, from the hotel. 

Everything about Lim’s story is puzzling, and Netflix breaks it all down in this investigative, true-crime drama. 

3. Spycraft 

This eight-part series focuses on some of the most notable and successful spies throughout history and the intricate surveillance equipment they used on the job. It also reveals in-depth secrets and spy codes, weapons, and surveillance tactics. Furthermore, the docuseries shows just how much “digital dust” you leave behind today — everywhere you go and through everything you do.

4. Creating The Queen’s Gambit

This behind-the-scenes mini-documentary special takes you through The Queen’s Gambit’s filming process from its conception to the final takes. Although it’s only fourteen minutes long, it’s engaging and concise. It will certainly leave you with never-before-seen footage and interviews with the cast and crew.

5. Canine Intervention

Follow Cali K9 dog trainer Jas Leverette around his home of Oakland, California, in this new six-part reality docuseries that shines a light on his world-renowned training methods and rehabilitation of all kinds of dogs. 

Leverette travels from the Bay Area to LA training “dogs that no one else will” and teaching their owners his unique Cali K9 system, which you can learn about in this Netflix series. This sentimental and informative series will teach you about different behavioral challenges dogs are prone to and how to manage and correct them. Did we mention how cute the dogs are?!

Which of these shows is your favorite so far this year? Drop us a comment below and let us know!

Featured image via Anastasia Shuraeva on Pexels


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