Forget Matt, Katie Is The True Star On This Season Of ‘The Bachelor’

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that this season of The Bachelor is full of  drama, tears, and arguments. We’re only five episodes in, but this season already has a reigning queen: Katie. 

Katie infamously presented a vibrator to Matt when she stepped out of the limo, and ever since then, she brings light to our screens every time she appears. Here are five reasons why Katie is the true star of this Bachelor season (Sorry, Matt!):

1. She’s hilarious.

If you didn’t crack a smile when Katie arrived at the resort to meet Matt, I worry about you. On a stressful first night, the contestants need all the laughter that they can get. Katie lightened the mood with her vibrator “gift” to Matt, and she definitely entertained us all! 

2. She’s genuinely looking for love.

Unless you’re new to the Bachelor franchise, I’m sure that you’ve heard girls mention that they’re “here for the right reasons.” However, many of the women who claim to be on the show to find love… aren’t. According to her contestant bio, Katie is ready for love , knows “exactly what she wants in a man” and is done wasting her time. After watching some of the other women on camera, it’s clear that Katie really does want to find love with Matt.

3. She’s compassionate.

Katie’s personality makes you want to be her friend. She’s not only fun, but she also demonstrates kindness towards the other participants, which you don’t often see on The Bachelor. On the third week of the show, Sarah, another contestant, interrupts a group date she wasn’t on and interrupts Katie’s conversation with Matt. Unlike the other girls, who gang up on and bully Sarah, Katie speaks with Sarah to make sure that she’s alright and stands up for her in front of the other women.

4. She isn’t afraid to speak her mind.

On The Bachelor, catty behavior between the contestants is just as common as roses and champagne. But in the latest episode, when “mean girl” contestant Victoria trash-talks the other girls behind their backs, Katie doesn’t stand for it. She assertively spoke with Victoria, and basically her told to cut the sh*t. While the two women argue about Victoria’s behavior later in the episode, Katie showed that  gossiping about others is never the answer. 

5. She stands up for the other women.

When The Bachelor brought in five new contestants, many of the original women were not happy. One contestant, Anna, even spreads a rumor that new contestant Brittany is an escort. Katie, sick of the women bullying each other, privately brought the situation to Bachelor Matt James’ attention. Not only is Katie mature in handling the rumors, but she also proves that women who support other women are the best. We stan a true queen!

As The Bachelor’s least problematic contestant, it’s safe to say that she’s the real star of this season. Katie is truly a queen, and she’s exactly who Bachelor Nation needs in 2021. Who knows? Maybe we’ll see her on  our screens as the new Bachelorette? 

Do you love Katie too? Let us know in the comments below!

Featured image via ABC The Bachelor & ventwithkatiee on Instagram


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