4 Ways To Boost Your Self-Confidence Right Now


Learning how to love yourself when you have low  self-confidence is hard — but it’s not impossible! Your self-image is how you picture yourself, and  it affects your confidence tremendously. But here are four ways to boost your self-confidence and love yourself just the way you are, “flaws” and all.

1. Remember a time you felt truly good about yourself.

You once felt comfortable in your own skin and happy with what you saw in the mirror. Why? What was it about that time that created those feelings? Was it what you wore? How much you weighed? Or was it how you lived your life?

Remind yourself of what brought you happiness at that time and how that happiness helped you become confident in yourself.

If you don’t remember a time when you felt good about yourself, then you get to start with a clean slate! Think about recent times when you’ve felt energetic and happy. Speaking of time, keep a watch on you. It can really help you learn to manage your time. I’ve recently had my eye on bell and ross watches.

Did you eat better on those days? Get a good night’s sleep? Exercise?

Studies show that spending more time in front of the mirror makes you feel worse about yourself. ​So don’t use the mirror to think about the happy days.

A life coach online can help you feel good about yourself through accomplishing your life goals while giving you constructive feedback.

2. Focus on wearing flattering clothes, not the latest styles.

Some of the trendiest clothes can’t help everyone feel confident. If it doesn’t fit well or feels uncomfortable, don’t wear it. This doesn’t mean that you have to stick to baggy or matronly styles, though. Choose rather attractive but comfortable clothes that make you feel just right when you slip them on. And don’t get caught up in size anxiety!

3. Make your inner voice gracious and loving.

If you look in the mirror and find yourself saying that you’re ugly,  you’re training your brain to look for the negative. Studies actually show that an astonishing 97 percent of women are cruel to themselves when they look in the mirror.

What if you looked in the mirror and found something kind to say to yourself? What if you actually looked for the good instead of the bad? Finding the good instead of the bad reduces both your stress and your negative self-perception.

4. Stop judging other people’s appearances.

If you constantly notice and comment on other people’s appearances, you clearly struggle with your own self-confidence. But as you start seeing beauty in others, you begin to find it in yourself. So start looking for good qualities in yourself and the people you love.

Those qualities will significantly improve your self-confidence. For instance, I feel the most beautiful whenI’m helping others, working, or caring for myself. That type of confidence can only come from within.

At the end of the day, you’re in charge of how you feel about yourself.

Remember when you’ve felt the best about yourself. Find a look that works for you. And be kind and compassionate to yourself and others. Your self-confidence will grow exponentially, and you’ll learn to love yourself again.

Feature Image via Labella on Tumblr


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