People Are Helping Each Other Out During This Worldwide Pandemic


In light of the continued spread of the novel coronavirus, many people feel afraid right now. Venues are cancelling large public events, stores can’t keep shelves stocked, and most officials are stressing the importance of social distancing. Some people must still head to work while they have no one helping them with childcare. Others, like the elderly, just feel lonely.

However, despite this time of struggle, many people are finding ways to connect with people in their community.

Through the use of social media, people can reach out and connect with each other. Many local communities now have Facebook groups so that people can share resources such as diapers, food, soap, and toilet paper.

Local businesses are also using social media to share news about special hours or other ways they’re helping the community at large.

What’s more impressive, though, are the ways high school and university students are stepping up and helping within their communities.

Since most universities and schools have either temporarily closed their doors or moved to virtual classes, young adults have lots of extra time on their hands. Instead of spending all of this extra time on Snapchat or binge-watching something on Netflix, they are offering to help however they can.

Whether you need help or not, it’s comforting to know that the help is available. What’s more, these brave young people are just further proving that Millennials and Gen Zers aren’t quite as bad as the media portrays us.

Even in this terrifying times, people continue to show that the human race is incredible. We may all need to stay away from each other for a bit, but once the dust settles on this whole COVID-19 outbreak, we can resume life as usual. Until then, though, remember those less fortunate than you in your community. Find ways to help where you can; let’s all pay it forward and change the narrative about humanity during this worldwide pandemic.

Feature Image by ray sangga kusuma on Unsplash


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