“Siesta Key” Cheating Drama Blows Up Right Before The Season Premiere

Alas, the winter premiere season has finally come for many TV shows! We’ve all been desperately waiting for our favorite shows to come back. However, in the meantime, a lot of drama has occurred. And in the reality TV world, specifically MTV, it looks like the latest real-life drama started at just the right time. Especially, for one of its shows, Siesta Key.

Hours before Siesta Key premieres their third season, one of their castmates just dropped a serious allegation on social media.

In a tweet, Juliette Porter alleged that her co-star, Cara Geswelli, was unfaithful to Garrett Miller (aka Juliette’s ex and Cara’s recent ex-boyfriend).

Not only did she call her out for cheating, but she also outed the guy with whom she slept – fellow MTV personality Johnny Bananas.

In a later tweet, Porter clarified that the Cara who cheated on Garett was the Cara from Siesta Key, and not the Cara from Johnny’s reality show The Challenge (who is also his female nemesis in the series).

In an even more twisted triangle within MTV territory, Juliette claims Floribama Shore‘s Nilsa Prowant “told her” about this scandal.

If you’re doubting that Nilsa and Juliette are even friends, the two appeared all over Juliette’s Instagram stories last night when they were celebrating the upcoming premiere of Siesta Key. The pair also hit it off at numerous events for MTV throughout 2019.

Moreover, being the good creep I am, I can confirm all MTV personalities involved have partied together back in March 2019 at an MTV spring break event. Additionally, I did notice that Bananas did leave a cheeky comment on Cara’s Instagram picture from the event about “riding his turtle”.


While Cara and Johnny have not publicly commented on the allegations, Garrett responded to the rumors almost immediately.

Now, keep in mind that Juliette also cheated on Garrett during the last season of Siesta Key. In fact, she kissed her ex (and fellow co-star), Alex Kompo. Garrett was also cheated on by their other co-star Kelsey Owens who conveniently slept with Alex. I know, poor Garett. And why does everyone like Alex so much?

But here’s the catch. This shows’ scandals don’t just involve drama for members of the Siesta Key cast.

Bananas, who is MTV reality royalty, has been dating fellow MTV star and Quarter Life Crisis podcast co-host, Morgan Willett, for several months. The pair met on season 32 of The Challenge. Morgan also appeared on season two of Ex On The Beach for MTV.

They were recently spotted together celebrating New Year’s Eve at a party hosted by Bananas in New York City. She also has yet to comment on the cheating allegations.

I’m sure the drama will be not just on our TV screens, but also all over Twitter. So, I’ll keep my popcorn close.

Siesta Key premieres tonight at 8 pm on MTV.

Featured image via Siesta Key on Instagram


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