5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Go Shopping On Black Friday

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As a child, I always looked forward to Black Friday. Back then, it seemed exciting to go out early in the morning to shop the best deals on Christmas gifts for my family. Now that I am approaching my late twenties, I’m no longer interested in this event, and here are some reasons why.

1. I worked retail during the holiday season.

I worked at Justice (previously known as Limited Too) as my first job. There, I had to work the holiday season as well. I try to give more and be kind during the holiday season but working retail has taught me that people can be a bunch of Grinches! 

It has also taught me that many retail workers don’t get to enjoy their Thanksgiving because they have to go to bed early in order to prepare for Black Friday. Personally, I had to be in bed by 6 pm just so I could clock in at 4 am the next morning! Moreover, many retail companies have been extending their Black Friday sales so that they start on Thanksgiving Day. This, in turn, means that some employees don’t even get to spend that holiday with their families. Thus, I don’t want to be a part of the reason that these people have to work.

2. I value my sleep.

As I have gotten older, sleep has become more precious. I already get up early for work, so why would I want to pull myself out of bed on my day off to get a few dollars off of a pair of socks when instead I could be sleeping? 

3. Black Friday is becoming scary.

People have literally died in recent years from being trampled by stampedes of shoppers! This is because stores have low stocks of certain items on purpose, which causes physical fights over these items. People get hurt every single year during Black Friday, and I am not about to expose myself to that! 

4. I would rather shop online or buy from small businesses.

I love supporting small business owners by shopping on Etsy or buying something from a friend who owns a small business. Plus, I tend to put my Amazon Prime membership to good use during the holidays. Moreover, with my busy schedule, it is easier to shop online than fight traffic and other people to get to a store without even knowing if what I’m looking for is in stock. 

5. It causes people to value materialistic items more than human interactions.

Perhaps one of the main reasons I choose not to participate in Black Friday is that it has turned our society more materialistic. It encourages overspending on items that our families (or ourselves) do not need but buy anyway because we think we are getting a good deal. People do all types of crazy stuff for these items, which is not what the season is about. Instead, the holidays are about family, making memories, and giving to the less fortunate ones. 

Personally, I think that some people can get a little crazy during the holiday season. They assume that they have to buy their family and friends the best gifts, especially on Black Friday. However, the truth is that you don’t know what the next year will have in store. So instead of giving extravagant gifts, give people your time, attention, and kindness.

Featured image by Heidi Sandstrom via Unsplash.


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