An Ode To Waffles On International Waffle Day


The waffle is truly a thing of beauty. That ever so slight crunch as you bite in and taste the light and fluffy batter inside. Those little pockets where syrup and butter cuddle up together. Maybe some powdered sugar and chocolate syrup join in on the party. Even thinking about them as I write this, I smell that sweet syrup in the air. It’s bliss. And since today is International Waffle Day, is there anything else to eat? No. No there isn’t. So who can we thank for this sweet day? Well, it originated in Sweden; celebrated nine months before Christmas and it has also become a way to usher in spring. Waffles first began to appear with that second F in its name around 1735 when it first appeared in print in English.

Perhaps your home was like mine growing up, with those frozen Eggo’s sitting in your freezer ready to be eaten for breakfast or an after-school treat. Frank Dorsa is the fella to thank for that creation, he brought them to supermarkets in the 1950s and we haven’t looked back. I’d have to say that was my first introduction to the waffle, the humble Eggo.

So what makes a good waffle? Jesse Teran, head cook at the College St. location of Toronto’s Starving Artist (where everything is served on or with a waffle) believes that, “A good waffle should remind us of home… a sleepover at Grandma’s… your first taste of a big swanky hotel breakfast on a family vacation. Quick comfort food made by Mom or Dad to send us off to school.” A waffle can bring back special memories for anyone who’s had one, like the Elvis Waffle I had on a recent trip to New York City with my parents. We had just taken my mom to see the musical Beautiful for her birthday, and I was hungry for some dinner after the show and there was the Wafles and Dinges booth in Bryant Park! I ordered a waffle with bacon, peanut butter, banana, and chocolate on it… an acceptable dinner, right?

It’s funny how a waffle can add to a special day, and create a sweet little memory.

In Toronto (and many other cities), you’ll notice waffles are a very popular addition on a breakfast menu and there are so many varieties and styles, you just need to pick a breakfast joint or waffle house on a map and find out how they make theirs! As Jesse says,

“A good waffle is a flakey and filling trip down memory lane.”

To take you on that journey, you may prefer the Belgian Waffle which is a take on the Brussels Waffle, generally lighter and crispier with deeper pockets. Though Belgium also did give us the Liège Waffle, which is richer-denser-sweeter and chewier.

However, you can just make your own at home like I do! A favorite recipe of mine is by my culinary idol, the Barefoot Contessa (Ina Garten), give it a try!

Good grief, anyone else really hungry right now?

Treat yourself to a waffle today! And tomorrow! And the day after… No one will judge you. They might just ask if you’re going to finish that. And could you pass the syrup, please?

Featured image via Alena Ganzhela on Unsplash


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