Why It’s Important For You To Embrace Your Struggles

Gone are the days when you felt ashamed of yourself for doing things that you knew would make you happy. The days when you cried and blamed for arriving late to class. Days you spent wondering where you fit in. The days when you chose to be alone to get rid of toxic people.

People used to question you all the time about your hobbies, your “out-of-date” clothes, your dry hair, and how weird you could be. Even though they’ve left now, you still feel undervalued. They criticized your work, gossiped about you, ignored you, and broke your heart. For you, minding your own craft was the only option left. It may have seemed funny to some, but it was your way of finding bliss.

Truth is, you didn’t have any idea that you would survive the pain of your past. Still, you have pushed through the days you ran late, earned second chances to succeed, and earned others’ respect after they mocked you. Your hard work and dedication has earned you opportunities to achieve your wildest dreams. Now, you can finally say, “This is where I really belong.”

If you feel lost, scared to try again, or bad for not doing this or that (or even too much), then this message is for you. Remember that there must have been some valid reason why the universe chose to give you the struggles you are facing today. Your struggles and your current place in life will guide you to a brighter future.

You don’t need to rush through life. You don’t need to prove ourselves to anyone, even to those who do not believe in us and those who always let us down. As we face our challenges, we just need to continue to build ourselves up, remember where we came from, and reflect on why we chose to try again.

I’m learning to take my own advice, to slow down and embrace the struggles. I may be struggling, and I may not be rushing through life, but for me, my attitude is enough.

Feature Image by Juan Pablo Arenas from Pexels


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