How The New Lifestyle Trend ‘Lykke’ Can Make You Happier

Lykke is the latest Scandinavian lifestyle trend that has become increasingly popular around the world. With research showing  that Danes are the happiest people in the world, many have rushed into observing their lifestyles and why the Danes are so happy. Lykke roughly translates to ‘happiness,’ so if your New Year’s resolution is to be happier in 2019, you should definitely adopt the Lykke lifestyle. However, many people still don’t know what Lykke is and how it can make you happy. Here are the ways it can embrace your life.

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Lykke Gives You Room to Think

Minimalist lifestyles and maximization of living spaces are things of Scandinavian expertise. Danes believe that a cluttered house or living space equals a cluttered mind. Therefore, Lykke lifestyle suggests order and putting things in place regularly to avoid clutter and mess. One should set time aside every six or so months to review the way one’s home looks, feels and what kind of energy it emanates to the people that enter. According to Lykke, one’s home should be warm and welcoming, but also a place where you can set your mind free and think clearly.

If you want to adopt this lifestyle, here’s what you can do. In order to create more room in your home, install smart storage solutions, like under-bed rolling crates, floating shelves above door frames or even a pull-out sliding pantry in the kitchen. Finding extra room in your living space isn’t that hard as all you have to do is clean, put things in place and add more hidden storage in different parts of your home.

Lykke Color Psychology Affects Mood.

Danes believe that the colors you choose to surround yourself within your home drastically affect your mood and overall happiness. Therefore, Lykke lifestyle relies heavily on color psychology, meaning  that one should put certain colors in their home and avoid others in order to reach happiness. Instead of following the latest home-décor trends and color palette, Lykke encourages people to put considerable thought into choosing the colors for their home.

According to Luxury Interior Magazine, by incorporating yellow shades you can expect your home to be more vibrant and positive but including greens can create a soothing and natural feeling in your home. Other colors like pink generates stands for warmth and sensitivity, and the blue shades create serenity and optimism. In regards to how you want your home to feel, you can either use some of these colors as the primary color scheme or as just incorporate simple accents here and there.

Lykke And Hygge

Hygge in Danish culture stands for coziness, safety, comfort and an overall feeling of relaxation and peace. It also encourages socializing and relaxation amongst the warm colors of your home. All of these things are simply indispensable in the Danish culture, and one of the main reasons Denmark is ranked as the happiest country in the world. Danes like to socialize a lot, and Hygge helps them make the best out of the time one spends with close friends and family. .

When people socialize, there is a reason why we feel happy and satisfied. Our brains release oxytocin, which is also known as the ‘cuddle hormone.’ Therefore, having a room full of people we love and appreciate encourages the release of oxytocin and strengthens the bond between friends and family. Another thing Lykke lifestyle encourages is having less separation in one’s home so that people in the living area can always feel connected rather than  isolated by walls. Instead of numerous walls, one can use house plants, open shelving or decorative screen to seemingly create separate rooms without initiating isolation.

Lykke Lifestyle Will Save You Money

It’s true that people nowadays are capitalists and consumers, surrounding themselves with things that don’t matter and have short-term value. Lykke lifestyle encourages the complete opposite. The Lykke and Hygge lifestyles also encourage people to invest in themselves, the people they  love, intimacy and trust. According to I AM & CO, the main lesson of Lykke is to surround oneself not with material possessions, but rather with spiritual and emotional experiences and things. In the long run, you will not only save money by not buying all those meaningless, short-term replacements for true happiness, but you will also get to know yourself, the people around you and the true value of life.

Pursuing a Lykke lifestyle creates overall happiness. It removes any negativity from your life, so by adopting Lykke, you can be sure to witness changes in your life for the better.

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