21 Thoughts We All Had Watching ‘The Bachelorette’ Last Night

The Bachelorette is back, and this week Becca and her men are heading to the tropical islands of the Bahamas! Finally, somewhere romantic! No offense to Virginia and Las Vegas, but those locales don’t exactly scream romance.

The drama kings, chickens and models are gone, and Becca is left with only six men. (All of whom claim to be falling for her.) The relationships are getting real, so let’s break down the general consensus I’m sure we all had during last night’s episode.

  1. First things first, let’s address that Wills is wearing leopard print on top of more leopard print. That’s a lot of look. Unless it’s a romper, in which case it’s still a questionable choice but I respect it.
  2. Colton gets the first Bahamian one-on-one! But, he has a secret: he’s a virgin. This might be shocking if it hadn’t been teased in the upcoming previews since the premiere.
  3. Becca and Colton are reenacting Titanic on the bow of the yacht (you know the scene) and I’m wondering if it’s a requirement that couples on this show do this every time they’re on a boat.
  4. I’m honestly impressed Colton can dive that deep in the water to get the Conch. Okay, Colton, I’ve been harsh on you, but I’ll give you a point here.
  5. Becca is so into Colton. She’s mentioned how attractive she finds him at least ten times during this date.
  6. Colton tells Becca he’s a virgin. Becca’s immediate response: a doubtful “Really?”Guess what? I don't believe you
  7. Honestly, though, good for Colton. I’m glad he’s proud of his decision to wait and honest about it, especially since men choosing to abstain from sex can often be viewed as taboo. More points for Colton!!
  8. However, he does say multiple times that he “doesn’t show this side to a lot of people.” Um, you’re on a television show, mate. You’re telling all the people now.
  9. Colton comes back from his date with a rose and Jason honestly admits: “Unfortunately, none of us want to ask you what you did.” The jealousy has begun.
  10. Blake is getting very paranoid. Although, I will say his crippling self-doubt and fear of rejection is very relatable content.Insecure gif
  11. Becca makes out with Garrett on her date as the sea plane waits for them in the ocean. “Screw the plane,” she says. Guys, Becca’s kind of smooth?
  12. Romantic montage alert: Becca and Garrett chase each other on the beach, swing on the tire swing, write each other’s names in the sand, the whole thing.
  13. Back at the hotel, Blake is becoming just slightly unhinged. Keep it together, Blake! You’re my favourite!
  14. Garrett: “I’m not the smoothest talker.” At least he’s self aware.
  15. On her date with Blake, Becca says she sympathizes with Arie. She must really be torn between these men to have those words come out of her mouth.
  16. Wait, this is Becca and Blake’s whole date? Colton got a yacht and Garrett got a sea plane! All Blake gets is to dance with the BahaMen for one song and sit on a blanket on the beach as Becca tells him she’s in love with more guys than just him.
  17. Blake tells Becca he’s in love with her! Realistically, I know that this is way too soon and maybe I should be cringing but I can’t help feeling giddy. They’re just so cute together. Becca says she wants to tell Blake she loves him too. They even share an against-the-wall kiss! I mean, there’s no way she’s not picking him right?!

    Becca and Blake
    R u kidding me with this adorableness?
  18. Becca sends Leo home on the three-on-one date. It’s sad enough as it is, but it’s made even worse when Leo is left wandering the shore by himself as Becca, Jason, and Wills speed away together on a speedboat literally right in front of him. I know the term savage gets tossed around a lot these days, but this was truly quite savage. 
  19. Wills really loves a loud floral pattern shirt moment, doesn’t he?
  20. Oh, yikes, unfortunately since he does not get the rose, there will be no more of Wills’ hot fashion moments. Since Jason does get the rose, we will be getting more slicked-back Dracula hair moments, yet somehow I’m not quite as excited about that.
  21. Wills’ seems very sad and now I’m sad! What a melancholy note to end the episode on.

But next week… hometowns! I’m praying someone has a crazy stepbrother or something so things can get really interesting again. Now that all of the entertaining (in a dramatic way) are gone.

Stays: Colton, Garrett, Blake, Jason.

Goes: Leo (hope you’re not still on that beach), and Wills (please keep making rompers happen).

Top 4 Predictions:

  1. Blake: I mean, COME ON.
  2. Garrett: Seems like a safe option. I think he’s genuinely pretty into Becca.
  3. Jason: Chemistry here is unreal. Becca’s definitely bringing Jason to the fantasy suites.
  4. Colton: Based on the previews, Tia’s back next week and that spells m-e-s-s-y. Don’t see this going well.

Do you have any predictions of your own? Vote in the poll below!

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