The 12 Days Of Feministmas Is Here To End The Year With Cheer

When I read the ‘Twelve Days of #Feministmas‘ my initial reaction was to laugh and inwardly praise whichever creative human brought that onto social media for everyone to enjoy during the festive season. It’s a fitting tribute to females at the end of a year that has brought a number of home truths about gender discrimination and the normalcy of sexual assault in women’s lives into the spotlight.

Here are the lyrics for those who haven’t had the pleasure of enjoying them just yet…

On the twelfth feministmas

My true love gave to me

Fair rights and wages

Reproductive freedom

No victim blaming

No body shaming

No bullshit diets

Gender bias broken

Shame free breastfeeding


Proud working mums

Male allies

No tampon tax

And a grope-free Christmas party!

2017 might have been an ugly one, looking back at #metoo drawing everyone’s attention to the scale of the problem of sexual assault, countless public figures being identified for sex crimes, and just this week Catt Sadler leaving E! over a colossal pay gap. What has happened in 2017 though, is that the world has begun not only to comprehend but also to acknowledge the extent of the problem. The issues have become dinnertime discussion, normalized more than we might have hoped.

Feministmas’ cheery lyrical twist on this important issue might not be a groundbreakingly serious approach. But it does give us all the chance to share sentiments, and continue to raise awareness during the festive period.

Only with this level of acknowledgement and understanding can we ever hope to see change. So Merry Feministmas everyone, make this one of your final social media toasts of the year!

Featured Image via Unsplash


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