Should You See ‘Daddy’s Home 2’ Or ‘A Bad Moms Christmas’?

The holidays are fastly approaching and the world of media is shoving it down our throats already. And while we still have a bit to go before the mad rush begins, a few new Christmas classic movies have been released causing the Battle of the Box Office. And let me tell you, it’ll be hard trying to pick apart which movie between A Bad Moms Christmas and Daddy’s Home 2 will be your traditional movie to watch.

Let’s break it down:

Who Has The Better Plot

To be honest, both movies had very similar storylines. Except the mom’s vow to make Christmas more relaxed while battling their mothers who think otherwise, and the daddies try making Christmas more united and traditional. Both find out it’s very hard when other people don’t have the same mindsets so the chaos comes naturally. Not to spoil it, but both also ended with someone going on a wild Vegas trip… It’s odd how similar they are.

What Film Is More Family Friendly

Believe me when I say Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell pulled off a cleaner movie than Mila Kunis and Kristen Bell. The Bad Moms definitely found themselves on the naughty list with everything from dirty language to strippers. I feel like they desperately tried to throw together some swearing and inappropriate content in hopes for laughs when it just wasn’t needed for the movie to be funny. It took away from the holiday aspect, in that sense. So if you’re interested in making this a family movie, I’d opt for Daddy’s Home 2.

Which Cast Is Better

Both films were casted flawlessly so I really can’t pick a winner. In terms of A Bad Moms Christmas the mothers were typical and a reflection of their daughters. Plus it poked fun at the mother/daughter relationship. The grandma’s on their own were a hilarious trio and they played their roles to perfection. They were the funniest cast members in my opinion.

Whereas the grandpa’s from Daddy’s Home 2 were equally as brilliant. John Lithgow and Will Ferrell definitely complimented each other well and you could feel their comedic energy skyrocket to bring on the laughs. Meanwhile, Mel Gibson played your typical rough around the edges bad boy and was the perfect fit to play Mark Wahlberg’s dad. Their chemistry seemed extremely natural and represented a lot of families well with their on-screen relationship.

What Movie Brought More Laughs

Again, both movies were very on par with their comedy aspects. But the grandma’s who came to visit by far brought the comedy we needed. Don’t get me wrong, the slapstick and one liner’s in Daddy’s Home 2 were hilarious, but you can’t beat the trio of bad grandma’s. They solely stole the show.

Which Was The Better Sequel

This one was pretty hard and the only reason I made this decision was based on how bad the first one was. Daddy’s Home 2 was by far the better sequel! By no means do I think A Bad Mom’s Christmas was a bad sequel, it was just similar to the first movie. Daddy’s Home 2 was actually funny compared to the first and the cast was that much more enjoyable to watch. I can’t tell you how hard I laughed at the second compared to the first. They stepped their game up and it didn’t go unnoticed.

All in all, I don’t think I could pick a favorite movie between the two. They were so similar that it was hard to pick apart which one was better. All categories I listed above don’t even come close to accurately describing what I mean. You just have to go see both movies and make the decision for yourself.

Featured image via Kristen Bell on Instagram and Daddy’s Home 2


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