10 Signs You’re A Crazy Dog Lady

Dogs are definitely one of the best creatures this world offers. There’s no denying that their little butt wiggles and silly antics make us laugh. For some of us though, there’s a difference between being a dog person and an obsessed dog person. Curious to see if you’re a part of this club? Check out these 10 reasons!


Seeing a dog almost always causes you to gasp, and you literally cannot stop the urge to go over and ask if you can pet this adorable creature. After all, all dogs deserve the love-filled pets.


If people ask if you’ll ever have kids, you answer yes. You probably explain your dream of having a home big enough to care for all the dogs you can take care of and love. There’s no better life.


It’s devastating to realize you can’t pet and give your love to all the dogs in the world.


If someone says they don’t trust or like dogs, you’ll probably never speak to them again only after you give them a piece of your mind. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life!


Dogs are required and welcomed at all events. Also, dogs should always be allowed to be with you wherever you go. It should be an essential right in our world, seriously.


You talk to your dogs or any dog as if it were human. Dog convos are therapeutic, helpful and the eye contact is the best. Those sweet eyes know how to clutch onto your heart and there’s no going back after that moment.


Your dog is such a good best friend.


You may have used your dog, your family’s dog or a friend’s dog as an excuse not to go out. “Sorry, I have a date.”


When someone tells you, you’re too obsessed with dogs, you likely find yourself insulted for all the dogs in the world. I mean, there’s a dozen worse things we could be addicted to.


There’s nothing more real than dogs being better than people. We do our best to be the best humans because of these remarkable creatures. Dogs are a way of life!

If you found yourself agreeing with a high majority of these or all of them, we’re happy to inform you-you’re a crazy dog person. You’re obsessed with doggos, woofers, puppers, and floofs of all kinds. Don’t worry though our club is overflowing with support, love and you guessed it, dogs. <3

Featured image via Olivia Hutcherson on Unsplash


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