We Need To Remember To Be Strong For Las Vegas Right Now

It is becoming increasingly difficult to read and see all that is happening in the news today. It is getting more and more difficult to have to explain to the little ones in your life why these types of things happen. It is difficult to convince yourself that you are still safe in your home, that you can close your eyes and get some rest tonight.

As with most people in the nation, we woke to the breaking news that yet another tragic event happened in our beautiful country. This only adds to the numerous tragedies that have happened around the world since the start of the year. We woke to the news that today, the International Day of Nonviolence, would become a day known for fear and bloodshed. Again.

My heart has been hardened to these types of events. I don’t know whether this saddens or angers me. I don’t know if I’m disappointed in myself that I cannot comprehend the scale of our losses due to hatred to date or if I’m disappointed that the world we live in today is no longer safe enough for me to dream about the day my 8-year-old sister takes it by storm. I don’t know if I’ll ever be less afraid to board a plan in my lifetime. I do know that I am both shameful and understanding that I am afraid to start my workday at my downtown office job.

I remember being in France when the Paris attacks happened. I was two hours away from the horrors that took place there. I cannot explain to you the fear that took over me that day and the days that passed. It took me three months before I could comfortably sleep without a light on. My friends who were in the City of Lights that night still don’t speak of what happened. I remember this when I hear about these new attacks on both our soil and around the world. Though it makes me squirm to remember exactly how I felt that night, it is one of the few ways I can still force myself to connect to what is happening today in Las Vegas.

Please remember that these people are scared. They are scared today, they will be scared come the holiday season with their families, they may be scared for the rest of their lives. Please remember that they may not want you to reach out for comment for your articles and news stories. Remember that some of these people have lost their friends and family members last night. Some of them are currently in horrible, physical pain. Please remember this as you are typing your Facebook statuses on your lunch break. Remember that these people have gone through something very traumatic and unexplainable and that your micro-aggressions on social media on your politics of choice can send them spiraling in panic attacks. Please remember that today of all days they need us to be a strong, unified nation and global community.

In France, they kept their message simple. We will be resilient. We will be strong. It is one of the things that I hold with me, even when it is hard for me to comprehend and feel the travesties of what is going on around us every day. These words bounce around in my head every time my phone lights up with a news update or yet another Facebook status. We will be resilient. We have the power to hold our hands up high together and be a global force to be reckoned with. We can put our differences aside and be unified front against this nonsensical violence.

We will be strong. For the little ones who need explaining. For ourselves when we are scared. But most importantly, for them who need our love more than ever.

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