Here’s How To Wear Those High-Waisted Shorts This Summer

If you have not gotten in on the high-waist jeans trends then you’re missing out on some serious fashionista moments.

High-waisted pants are the gem for all those ladies who love experimenting with their looks and are willing to take risks. High-waisted pants are one of the versatile items that you will have to have in your closet. With diverse combinations of tops, accessories, and shoes, you’ll be able to pull off a variety of looks with just a single pair of pants. This is exactly why you need high-waisted pants need to become a wardrobe basic.

Depending on the look you’re going for, you can style your pants to create an outfit that is retro, modern, chic or very street.

Try these different combinations of items to form your desired look this summer.

High-waisted jeans with fitted a crop top.

Summer is the season for crop tops. If you own some smaller crop tops then pairing them with high-waist pants will prevent you showing too much skin because of the high-rise of the pants.

You can always put on a waist-length summer blazer to add some more depth to the outfit. If you’re not feeling the blazer look in the heat of the summer then go for lightweight kimono that adds another layer of intrigue over your crop top.

High-waist pants have a way of elongating your legs because of their longer length. Wearing heels will make your legs look even longer so pop on some matching heels or wedges you may have.

High-waisted jeans with a tank top.

Who doesn’t love tank tops in the summer? Tank tops are usually worn with jeans or shorts, sometimes even skirts. You can pair tank tops with high waist pants to create edgy street looks and even chic looks that depending on the fabrics you choose.

The most common types of tank tops, however, are the ones that are made of breathable fabrics and are all about comfort. Pair your casual tank tops with high waisted jeans. For a more street look, get yourself some stonewashed high-rise jeans or a pair with rips in them, pair them with a funky tank top and tuck it in at the front (or all the way around). Slip on some stylish sneakers (avoid wearing sports shoes – they aren’t the most fashionable). High waisted jeans that are ankle-grazers will work even better for a street look.

High-waisted pants with formal tank tops.

The summer is when you can bring in some color to your work outfits and formal tank tops are the way to do it. Wear them with high-rise flared slacks or some peg pants – the outfit is perfect for work if you’re looking to spice up your office-wear.

High-waisted jeans with tucked in button-down shirts.

The classic tucked in button-down shirts in some high-waisted pants are a throwback to the 90s. Back in the day, high-waisted pants weren’t tailored the way they are now. They were saggy around your bottom – not flattering at all.

Today’s high waisted jeans are designed to make your butt look good. They make your butt look bigger and your waist smaller which makes them so great – they work on most body types.

Get yourself some button-down shirts that fit well and can easily be tucked into your pants. Even the most casual button-down tops can look chic when worn with high-rise jeans can look chic.

High-waisted jeans with loose tops and kimono.

Be different and go for an outfit with a carefree Boho vibe. High-waisted jeans in dark tones work beautiful earthy colors of Boho fashion.

A pair of dark blue, high-waisted jeans of good quality can be matched with earthy tones seen in Boho styles. Get yourself a pair and wear it on a loose-fitting tank top or a flowy crop top. Emphasize the flowy ness by putting on a fun kimono on top or a light-weight oversized cardigan.

Don’t forget to accessorize with some funky Boho jewelry.

Featured image via Nina Toporkova on Unsplash



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