10 Ways College Girls Are Just Like Guys

Growing up, we knew the obvious difference between girls and boys but it today’s world. Even in college, every friend is bound to hear: “Ugh guys are so hard to understand!” or “college girls make absolutely no sense.” In a battle of the sexes, everyone is always confused about the opposite gender. Growing up, we thought we had an understanding of what defines a girl but as we mature, we begin to see how wrong we were. Surprisingly, we’re a lot more similar than we seem! These similarities definitely show up more during college when we’re all just trying to find ourselves.

Here are 10 ways college girls are just like guys:

10. Sweats and Sweats and Sweats.

Nothing makes girls more jealous heading to class on a Monday morning than seeing guys who have just rolled out of bed wearing both a sweatshirt and sweatpants. We’re forced to do one or the other from fear of looking like a pile of rags and getting lost in all the fabric. But we’d love nothing more than to rock a sweatsuit. And you know what? College girls can totally rock that look and still look awesome. #IWokeUpLikeThis

9. The Game’s On.

Many times we’ve heard the line, “I can’t, babe, the game is on.” This exists for us too! Either we also have a sport we’re equally invested in or there’s a TV show we absolutely love. Meaning that if you try to contact us when we’re catching up on what our favorite characters are doing, we want to tell you the same exact thing!

8. To Crop or Not To Crop.

The amount of times we hear, “You must be cold in just that!” on a night out… Believe me, we want to wear a winter jacket out to the bar every time. Most of the time our liquid courage is used for the walk to the bar, not to talk to guys. We’d love to wear what we wear to class to the bars just like you guys do.

7. Cuffing Season.

This benefits both of us! What’s better than having someone to keep you warm during the winter? Low key, our summer outfits are doing double the work for when we’re wearing ten layers and looking to stay in with someone.

6. Sex on the Brain.

You know the old adage, “Guys think about sex every five seconds.” Well, so do we! Dry spells affect us both. We might just be a little better at hiding it… Sorry ’bout it.

5. Drama.

We hate it as much as you do, believe it or not. We’d do anything to get out of having to deal with it. Enough said.

4. Seconds Please!

Our appetites are so much bigger when we’re with our besties. When we are staying in, you better believe we have every type of chip, candy and soft drink known to man on our table ready to be devoured! Don’t be surprised if your girl can eat just as much as you.

3. Bring On The Drinks.

If we can’t drink you under the table we’ll sure as hell try! We love our beer and mixed drinks at the bar. It’s the mark of a true woman when we can pre-game in our rooms and on the way to the bar then drink all night and still make it home safe and sound. With no hangover the next morning to boot!

2. Hoes Before Bros.

While we may leave the room with the plan of having a ladies night, most of us have the understanding that if one of us finds someone to go home with you don’t ask questions. We just make sure to text in the morning to make sure they’re safe.

1. Hotties with the Bodies.

You better believe we check hot guys out! We maybe just substitute subtle looks and nudges in for cat calls and openly staring. Every group of girls has a way to let each other know when a cute guy is walking past.

There’s no denying that women are the fairer sex, but sometimes they can be like on of the guys. Just like how the saying goes, “if you can’t beat them, join them.” Our genders may not always see eye to eye, but you bet your ass when it comes to these 10 things, we’re very much in sync.

Originally published on University Primetime.

Featured Image via collegeweekly.


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