13 Hardcore Struggles Of Being Overly Sarcastic

I can’t decide if sarcasm is a characteristic you are born with or a skill you adopt later in life. Regardless of how you come to possess the beautiful skill of sarcasm, it is both a blessing and a curse. Anyone who is carefully skilled in the art of sarcasm can tell you that at times, being sarcastic is anything but easy. I’ve been a sarcastic smart ass for at least 75% of my life and I have faced all 13 of these struggles.

1. People who don’t know you just think you’re an idiot…

movie no harry potter ugh eye roll

2. …or a bitch.

reactions parks and recreation awkward sarcasm rashida jones3. When you genuinely try to compliment someone, they think you’re being sarcastic.

sarcasm4. And when you do honestly compliment them, you have to tell them that you’re being serious.

sarcasm5. When you’re around people who don’t understand sarcasm, you have to explain to them what’s going on.

the lion king sarcasm6. It’s absolute hell holding yourself back when you have to be serious.

eye roll7. Sometimes you’re not even sure if you’re being sarcastic or not.

filmeditor comedy steve carell sarcasm judd apatow8. That “oh shit” moment you have when you’re accidentally too sarcastic to the wrong person.

reactions damn oh shit oh snap owned9. Texting is your worst enemy because it turns out that sarcasm doesn’t translate well over text.

sarcasm10. You really wouldn’t be all that surprised if someone punched you.

okay applause ok thumbs up frustrated11. And you feel terrible when you accidentally hurt someone’s feelings because you didn’t realize they’d take it so seriously.

wow shocked memes damn oh shit12. You have to adjust to different social situations based on who you’re around.

snl college unimpressed engineering chris farley13. You low-key use your sarcasm as a defense mechanism.

sarcasmWhile you can certainly take what you’re dishing it out, it’s sometimes hard to remember that not everyone is like that. Being sarcastic is a lot of work…and most of that work is trying to restrain yourself. Though it seems that everyone else is the problem when it comes to interacting with people who don’t understand sarcasm, just know that it’s much harder for them to keep up with you than it is for you to slow down for them. If it’s any consolation, some research studies that sarcastic people are smarter! Look at you, Einstein!

Featured image via Kevin Lehtla on Unsplash


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