The Chainsmokers Drop ‘Setting Fires’ And It Is Beyond Lit

The Chainsmokers are back at it capturing our hearts with their latest single. While the duo may be patient about releasing new music, it keeps fans always wanting more after new music drops (especially if they keep releasing unreal songs)!

Their latest EP ‘Collage’ dropped at midnight. While the world has been obsessed with four of the songs on the EP for a while – it introduced fans to one new song, ‘Setting Fires’ featuring Xylo.

i can’t keep you from harm but i’m set on fire to keep you warm. i can’t go on and on setting fires to keep you warm.

While The Chainsmokers told fans that the track would be a bit different to their previous ones before the EP dropped, one thing is for sure – I’m definitely vibing this track.

The duo have perfected the formula of catchy beats and memorizable lyrics. While the track is definitely different compared to their past couple of singles, it still has a way of getting you to press repeat as soon as you finish listening to it for the first time. Trust me when I say that you’ll probably have the lyrics memorized by the end of the day, the same way you have the rest of their songs ingrained in your brain. The Chainsmokers are sure to close the year out with a bang!


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