11 People You Should Write-In On The Presidential Ballot

This political season has pretty much been a shit storm. It all started with a mad dash to the final two, which made it clear to see how much trouble America is in. Now that there’s a final two, not everyone can get behind Trump or Clinton. Because of the position that we’re in, this election has been surrounded by the idea of a write-in candidate like never before. If you’re going to opt for that route, allow me to guide you.

Now, you might look at this list and think it’s a complete joke. Sure, there are a lot of celebrities on here and the reasons are semi-unrealistic. But all in all, I’m a firm believer that these people will lead us better than what we have splashed on the ballot right now.

Think about it for a second. What do you want in a president? Reliability, trust, and the ability to relate to are three things that come to my mind. All things that our favorite celebrities are more than able to give us. Okay, so there is the part about actually running a country too. But eleven write-in candidates could more than likely figure that out too.

Elizabeth Warren. This woman knows her stuff and has one hell of a following with both older and younger generations alike. Not to mention her presence on Facebook and Twitter. Just imagine if she were to team up with Kanye. Now that would be a social media #dreamteam.

Bernie Sanders. Plenty of passionate Sanders fans are actually taking this route on voting day. There’s a slim chance that it will work, but it will get you a lifetime membership to the #FeelTheBern fan club.

Stephen Colbert. Not only does he know all about politics, but he can discuss it in a realistic way that all can understand. That’s what we really need in a president, if you ask me. People already love him, so he’s basically halfway to The Oval Office already.

Oprah. You’ll get a car! And you’ll get a car! And you’ll get a car too!

Ellen DeGeneres. If there’s anyone who could settle this country down, it’s her. Not to mention there would be tons of dance parties. She spreads peace, love, and kindness wherever she goes too. We could all get a nightly reminder to “be kind to one another.”

George Clooney. Come on, people. He could be the next JFK! Likability is one of the biggest aspects of presidency, so why not one of the most likable people in Hollywood? Plus Amal would make a phenomenal first lady.

Beyoncé. Because, well duh. She’s old enough now, so I see no reason not to write her name down.

Kanye. He did make a plug for it earlier in election season, and his presidential gear is already all over the Internet. I can just see it now. His State of the Union will be a long line of Twitter rants, which would be way more convenient than a boring TV show. Plus we’d probably all get free Yeezys.

Kris Jenner. Seeing as she runs the entire Kardashian-Jenner clan, I’m willing to bet she could keep America in line too.

The Olsen Twins. The girls started at Full House and now they run their own fashion brand. Why not take The White House next? They could share the position, of course, because you can’t just have one Olsen twin. Maybe two heads instead of one is exactly what this country needs.

Yourself. Because if Donald Trump can do it, anyone can.

All jokes aside, you should probably just vote with your heart on Election Day. Whether that means picking your favorite celebrity-hopeful or choosing one of the two already printed, that’s on you. Whatever you do, get out and vote!

Image: Theresa Thompson


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