Scott Disick Stupidly Revealed The Truth Behind His Instagram Posts

If you have a smartphone, a thumb, and an Instagram account, you have likely scrolled past HUNDREDS of innocuous photos of celebrities smiling with their absolute favourite fittea/bootea/teeth whitener that they TOTALLY use every single day. Right, we all know that people LOVE to pose casually with a label in plain site of their fave products, WHATEVER.

Well, in walks good old Lord Disick. Bootea sent Scott some pretty specific instructions via email on when and how to promote the product, and well… Scott decided to make the entire email his Insta caption. GOOD FREAKING JOB SCOTT!

He quickly deleted the Instagram post, but not before the Internet could immortalize it on the interwebs forever.

While we all probably knew that these celebrity product posts were all a gimmick, the proof is now in. I wonder if Scott is still getting paid for that post…

Featured image via letthelordbewithyou


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