Thanks, Mom: 4 Food Myths You Were Tricked Into Believing

Our parents told us all these crazy rules when we were kids about when and what to eat. Most of those have been ingrained into our minds so much that we carry them into adulthood. But why? Has anyone ever looked into these myths to find out what’s behind them? Thanks to the internet, here are the most commonly used phrases, debunked!

1. It’s really bad to eat before bed.

False. This doesn’t cause any more weight gain than eating the same food hours earlier. Contrary to the belief that when you’re not physically active, you don’t burn calories, the things you eat are based on your 24 hour circadian cycle rather than just your sleep schedule.

2. It’s bad to drink fluids while you eat.

False. Drinking while you eat was once deemed bad because it was thought to dilute the bile and acids that are needed for digestion. Turns out that’s the farthest thing from true! Water helps turn food into liquids, which then helps the body to absorb nutrients, soften stools, lubricates the digestive tract, and helps you eat less because you’re going to pause to drink, causing you to acknowledge if you’re still hungry or not.

3. An apple a day will keep the doctor away.

False. It will help keep you out of the doctor’s office when it comes to diabetes, asthma, bone health , high blood pressure, and many types of cancer, but apples aren’t a cure-all secret for the ages. With vitamin C, A, E, and beta carotene, it’s definitely a good choice to eat them regularly though.

4. Orange juice will make your cold go away.

False. Vitamin C is what keeps your immune system in good shape and it’s commonly found in citrus, hence where this myth began. But once you are already sick, vitamin C doesn’t turn back time. It will help build your immune system back up and it’s good to have it regularly as a preventative measure, but it doesn’t make your germs leave your body any faster.

All the things your parents taught you? Toss it out the window. Just kidding, don’t lose your morals or manners, but don’t believe everything you hear. This isn’t the 1800’s when all the knowledge we had has been passed from generation to generation; look things up for yourself. Remember that every person is different and every body reacts differently; what works for you may not work for your friend. Diet smart my friends!

Featured image via LOGAN WEAVER on Unsplash


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