5 Trendy Bags To Carry You (And Your Things) Into The Real World

We can’t hear it enough: the key to success after college is internships, internships, internships! College practically isn’t complete without one. Yet, finding that perfect internship often means very long days: morning class, then the office, and then back to campus for activities or night class. Before you know it, you’re scheduled from sun up to sun down!

From textbooks and your laptop to your lunch (and dinner), many commitments require carrying a big bag – and your high school Jansport just won’t cut it! Here are our recommendations for the best bags for college women on the go, able to take you to classes, internships, meetings, and lunches in style and without costing an arm and a leg.

1. Longchamp Tote Bag

The bag that every girl in your freshman year seminar owned, the Longchamp tote bag is so popular for a reason. Deep enough to throw all of your daily essentials in, a Longchamp is perfect for a night out or for toting your laptop to work. Michael Kors makes similar totes, but for those of us ladies looking to avoid designer costs, you can find most of these brands at TJ Maxx or Marshalls.

2. Fossil Sydney Shopper Bag

My personal favorite, the Fossil Sydney Shopper bag was my present to myself for entering adulthood. Beautifully made in leather – with a million inside and outside pockets for pens, pencils, crayons, my laptop and whatever else the day demanded, this bag got me through teaching two English classes per week at a local non-profit. I have found similar bags at Target for much less and in way cuter patterns.

3. Vera Bradley Tote Bag

The Vera Bradley tote bag we all knew and loved in high school is back in awesome trendy patterns! Dress up any professional outfit with your favorite Vera pizzazz – which is useful if, like me, your work wardrobe is mostly black and white. You can often save a few bucks on Vera products if you buy them at your local Hallmark.

4. Herschel Backpack

And yet, if you cannot shake the backpack preference, say no more! Though research has shown me that these trendy backpacks with the leather decals are from Herschel, I can’t help but feel like I’ve seen them everywhere! These bags are perfect if you’re looking for a simple, stylish backpack to walk through life with. However, if your hipster street cred can take a hit, Urban Outfitters has slightly cheaper versions of the bag in brighter colors.

5. Bucket Backpacks

Combining my love of backpacks and the Mary Poppins-like depth of hobo bags, the bucket backpack is the perfect amount of stylish and functional. The Classic Pocket Backpack from Urban Outfitters fits each of those needs, but less expensive versions can be found at Target.

Ladies, we can take on the world this year! From classes we love to internships and work experience that prepares us for a career, this is our time to hustle from points A to B. Yet, we can’t do that if we’re not prepared. Try a new bag on for size this school year, and see how it helps make your hurrying a little easier.

Featured image via Dids on Pexels



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