15 Underrated Songs You Need To Listen To

“I can make the bad guys good for a weekend.” 

I love Taylor Swift as much as the next girl, and you will most certainly catch me shamelessly singing along to Blank Space. However, sometimes we all need a break from the mainstream music.

Music provides us with the words we can’t always come up with ourselves. It shapes our mood and gives us an escape from reality when life gets too much to handle.

We’ve all heard the 1987 album a million times. We’ve all swooned over John Mayer’s effortless ability to tug at our heart strings, but it’s important to incorporate some diversity into your playlists. You’d be surprised at what other genres have to offer.

These songs have a way of soothing the soul. You’ll find songs in this playlist that range of feelings from youth to love to heartache.

1. Cherry Wine – Hozier

Hozier’s hit “Take Me to Church” seems to be on a never-ending repeat. That’s because the singer’s soothing voice and hearty lyrics are the perfect recipe for a good song.

Favorite Line: Sweet and right and merciful / I’m all but washed / In the tide of her breathing

2. Georgia – Vance Joy

This peaceful song reminds me of a couple eating lunch in a park on a sunny day. Anyone who has been in love can relate to this song.

Favorite line: Lips generous and warm / You build me up like steps / Eyes innocent and wild / Remind me what it’s like

3. Just Kids – Alex & Sierra

Alex & Sierra’s album All About Us is filled with love ballads, but this song is a playful and upbeat song about doing what you can because you’re young.

Favorite Line: Nights are red, days are gold / The sun goes out, moon is full / Just us kids letting go

4. Mess is Mine – Vance Joy

Vance Joy’s “Mess is Mine” is an upbeat ballad. With Joy’s voice, he can turn a song about heartbreak into something beautiful.

Favorite Line: When you think of love, do you think of pain?

5. The Wire – Haim

Haim’s song is an empowering song about doing what feels right. The chorus repeats the life lesson “I know you’re gonna be okay anyway,” that no matter what happens, everything will work out.

Favorite Line: Does your imagination try to make you what you wanted to be? / Because I’m sorry I do what I did, but it came naturally

6. Breezeblocks – Alt-J

The unique sound of alt-J makes every song that they make a hit. All I want to do is dance and sing along to this song with my friends.

Favorite Line: Do you know where the wild things go? / They go along to take your honey

7. Settle Down – The 1975

The UK’s rock alternative band is known for their unique sound and catchy lyrics. This song is more upbeat than some of the bands’ other songs about young love.

Favorite Line: Avoiding me and walking around you / But you’re cold and I burn / I guess I’ll never learn / Cause I stay another hour or two

8. Oblivion – Bastille

Bastille’s soothing voice asks “Are you going to age with grace?” in this slow but powerful ballad.

Favorite Line: When you play it harder / And I try to follow you there / It’s not about control / But I turn back when I see where you go

9. Heart of Gold – Birdy

Birdy’s song speaks on the importance of female empowerment. She sings that although she may not be treated correctly, she still is able to be the bigger person.

Favorite Line: And I want to be free / When my heart is made from gold / And forgiveness seems too bold / I still find it in my heart / To say “I love you”

10. King and Lionheart – Of Monsters and Men

This love song is upbeat and speaks about the importance of relying on one another. Of Monsters and Men are no strangers to a radio hit, but this song definitely needs more recognition.

Favorite Line: And as the world comes to an end / I’ll be here to hold your hand / ‘Cause you’re my king and I’m your lionheart

11. Bright – Echosmith

Echosmith’s “Cool Kids” hit the radio hard, but this song is about being in love and feeling invincible because of it.

Favorite Line: I think the universe is on my side / Heaven and Earth have finally aligned / Days are good and that’s the way it should be

12. Fire N Gold – Bea Miller

“Fire N Gold” is a hopeful song about our youth being able to overcome anything because we were born capable to.

Favorite Line: When you’re stuck in a moment / And your spark has been stolen / This is our time to own it / So own it / Baby, we were born with / Fire and gold in our eyes

13. Beggin For Thread – BANKS

Banks’ “Beggin for Thread” is about trying to overcome a heartbreak but needing thread to sew the hole in her heart.

Favorite Line: Stooped down and out / You got me beggin for thread / To sew this hole up that you ripped in my head / Stupidly think you had it under control

14. I Forget Where We Were – Ben Howard

“I Forget Where We Were” is a peaceful song that could definitely be listened to on the beach about the summer passing.

Favorite Line: Hello love, my invincible friend / Hello love, the thistle and the burr / Hello love, for you I have so many words / But I, I forget where we were

15. Home – Gabrielle Aplin

This love song is a popular pick to be covered by other artists. Alpin’s song is about home being wherever you want it to be, with whoever you want it to be.

Favorite Line: With every small disaster / I’ll let the waters still / Take me away to someplace real

Add these songs to a new playlist. The not-so-overly produced sounds will bring you back to the musical world we all love and give you a much needed break from the radio.

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