3 Things That Make Anime So Addictive

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With a heart filled with happiness, the ending of Naruto Shippuden couldn’t have played out in a better way. Before stepping into the anime world, I kind of disliked, or you could say loathed, anime. However, a friend of mine who was long into anime convinced me to watch it. And here I am, hoping to watch all the anime series out there.

Last night, wondering about this change of heart, I inspected a few reasons why some people are staunch anime fans. Although many people still don’t like anime, I would like to assume that they haven’t watched any of it yet.

So, here I am, convincing you to watch anime for once. As I desperately want you to watch anime, I’ll remove some obstacles that may become a hindrance. Finding anime series online is no big deal. However, low-quality and inaccurate subtitles take out all the fun. To save you from experiencing this ordeal, Spectrum’s TV on-demand feature is available with multiple anime hits to feast on. Call Spectrum servicio al cliente now to know more about their plans and packages.

1. Storyline

An undeniable factor that contributed a lot to anime’s success around the world is its unique and fascinating storyline. Most animations tend to have a fairly simple plot that revolves around a set theme. Well, such animated series cannot be blamed because they’re targeted at a younger audience.

When it comes to anime, the storylines get a bit complex, yet engaging at the same time. Most anime series add a pinch of twists and turns and keep the audience at their heels.

A distinguished feature of anime is how they gradually develop the story, instead of lashing out everything at once. It keeps the audience guessing and hooked to the story. Also, it’s quite normal to find something relatable in anime series. 

For example, Naruto is an orphan with a beast inside him. Villagers despise him and consider him a monster. However, as the world is, people misjudge him every time but that only makes Naruto more and more desperate for love and recognition. Channeling his desperation into a purpose, he decides to become the ruler of the village. Giving his all, he gradually becomes the village savior and steeps closer to his goal.

To some people, Naruto’s story may feel like their own. Many of us may have encountered such situations where we, with all the odds against us, came out as winners. Like Naruto, there are hundreds of anime series and characters that may you relate to. 

2. Variety of Genre

If you start exploring anime, you may find humor, action, dark, or even science fiction. That’s how diverse the anime is. It doesn’t matter if you’re into anime or not, finding a series that compliments your taste is no big deal.

Back in the day, I used to compare cartoons with anime. However, both are poles apart. Simply because as we’ve discussed above, there’s always something relatable in anime series. Secondly, the variety of genres that one can find in anime is no match for cartoons.

Anime has a standard practice of adding two or more themes in a series. For example, you may find a witty anime series with a lively story. But as you watch more, don’t be surprised if the story gets dark full of twists and jam-packed action.

Such mixing up of genres in a single series may not make sense, but trust me, it’s no less than a complete package of entertainment and a treat to watch.

3. Great Characters

Usually, it’s always the hero and the villain who gets the limelight, right? Side characters mostly play a filler role, assisting the main characters every now and then. However, in anime, side characters have all the qualities to become fans’ favorites.

Anime series don’t sideline the side characters. Instead, in most series, side characters become equally important as the protagonists as the story evolves. Filler episodes are a common instance in anime series. In most cases, such episodes are used to develop side characters’ stories.

Supporting roles usually don’t catch the public’s eye in the majority of series. However, showcasing them as vital as heroes and the villains themselves, anime has successfully garnered huge support for them.

Take the example of Itachi from the Naruto series. Although, he’s featured in only a handful of episodes, he’s still able to gather a huge fan base because of his characteristics and role in the series. For these fans, Itachi may be the only reason to watch the series.

Bottom Line

Anime getting famous around the world isn’t a fluke. A great storyline, exceptional characters, and a variety of series to choose from have played a key role in its success. I’ve tried to convince you to watch anime but the ball is in your court now. After learning about what makes anime so addictive to many people, I hope it will get you to start on your first anime! Happy watching!

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