7 Perfect Birthday Gifts for Your Libra BFF

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Being a Libra means navigating the world with a passion for life. As fireballs, Libras have a natural sense of delight but also a propensity for nurturing. If you’re a Libra, you probably have strong opinions, but you also try to understand the world around you.

Libra season is September 23 to October 22, so it’s officially the best time of year. If you haven’t found the perfect birthday gifts for your notoriously indecisive Libra friends yet, now’s the perfect time to get shopping. Check out these seven birthday gift ideas for your favorite Libra:

1. Opal Jewelry

Why opals? Opal is the October birthstone. If your friend loves accessorizing with a touch of bling, opal earrings or an opal necklace or bracelet will definitely  make them excited to celebrate their special day. If you can’t afford real opal jewelry, opt for a “birthstone necklace” or earring pair that has beautiful “fake” opals. Regardless of your price point, your friend will love your sparkly gift.

2. Perfume

Venus, which represents love and beauty, is the planet that rules Libra. Because of this, Libras love flowers and anything that smells light and floral. Make your Libra friend the center of attention with a bottle of perfume. You can even choose a perfume with floral undertones to capture that day-dreamy, out-of-this-world Venus vibe!

3. Stylish Shoes 

Libras always have a fabulous sense of style, so why not add a new pair of shoes to their collection? Get a sense of your friend’s style before you shop — do they like laidback street style vibes or high-fashion, chic looks? Whether you surprise them with a stylish pair of sneakers, a cozy but classy pair of fall boots, or a sky-high pair of stilettos, you’ll definitely make your friend (and their shoe closet) extra happy this year.

4. Aesthetic Artwork

Libra’s symbol is the scale, so naturally, they love aesthetics and balance. Appeal to your friend’s creative side with an art piece to display in their home. Try to find art with a central focus and an emphasis on symmetry to spark your friend’s keen sense of harmony.

5. Essential Oil Diffuser 

Every Libra loves balancing their stressful work life with some much-needed rest and relaxation. Gift your friend an essential oil diffuser with some floral scents to help them make their self-care days even more serene. Your friend will love how the sweet, flowery aroma makes winding down easier than ever before. 

6. Cozy Crop Top or Sweater 

As an effortlessly chic zodiac sign, Libra’s style choices embody cutting-edge fashion. Gifting them a crop top with a cozy touch — like a bit of faux fur or a wooly texture — or a cute fall sweater will prepare them for another season of enviable looks. Stocking your friend’s closet with a cute outfit that’ll still keep them warm will show them lots of birthday love.

7. Motivational Journal

Libras are often indecisive, so finding a fun way to boost your friend’s confidence makes a wonderful birthday gift. A motivational journal full of quotes and writing space will remind your Libra friend just how incredible they are — and give them space to vent after mediating all of those arguments between their friends!

If you need to shop  for a Libra right now, use their personality and what you know about their sign to pick out the perfect gift. Whether you opt for a modern art piece or a stylish pair of shoes or earrings, you’ll definitely give your friend the best surprise on their special day. Happy Birthday, Libras!

Featured Photo by Ekaterina Shevchenko on Unsplash.


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