5 Museums For Comic Or Book Lovers To Visit


Remember the museum trips we used to enjoy in elementary school? Today, May 18, is a day when you can relive those memories. Since it’s International Museum Day, you can take a stroll in any of the museums in a nearby metropolitan city whenever you like. And if you’re a cartoon, animation, or book fan, here are five museums you should visit: 

1. Charles M. Schulz Museum 

If you have a collection of Charlie Brown or Snoopy plushies, the Charles M. Schulz Museum is dedicated to you. Named after the cartoonist of Peanuts, the museum features tons of artwork, exhibits, and drawings. Events like crafts and art classes are also scheduled for cartoon enthusiasts. Professional cartoonists visit the site occasionally, so you may have a chance to meet them as well. 

2. Anne of Green Gables Museum 

Although “Anne of Green Gables” is a fictional story about a girl named Anne living in Prince Edward Island (PEI), the museum indicates otherwise. Many would think the museum is the author’s – Lucy Maud Montgomery – home. In reality, Montgomery’s cousin, James Campbell, first settled and built the house in 1872. Over a hundred years later, Campbell’s wife, Ruth Campbell, opened their home to the public as a museum. 

The museum is similar to a log cabin in a pioneer village, with its wooden stoves and lakes. There are plenty of artifacts and events which are referenced in the book, including the Enchanted Bookcase, the organ, and Matthew’s Carriage rides

3. Walt Disney Family Museum 

Are you a fan of Disney stories? There is a museum dedicated to Walter Elias Disney’s life and career journey. Spearheaded by Disney’s daughter, Diane Disney Miller, the museum was constructed on former brick Army barracks. Other than events and education opportunities, visitors can experience an animation festival that features work from high school and college students. 

4. Laura Ingalls Wilder Historic Home and Museum 

Remember those “Little House on the Prairie” books? There’s a way to relive those moments by visiting Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Historic Home and Museum, specifically Rocky Ridge Farm. The site includes the historic farmhouse, where Laura, Almanzo, and her daughter Rose first lived when arriving in Missouri in 1894. It was also the home where Laura wrote her novels on tablets. Additionally, there’s also another house on-site, which commemorates Rose and her success as an author. 

5. Hall of Heroes Superhero Museum

Superhero fans, rejoice! The Hall of Heroes Museum in Indiana contains collections of over 80 years of superheroes in comics, film, and toys. While strolling through the museum, visitors may see historically significant comic books, recreations, and costumes, such as Captain America’s shield, on display. Plus, there’s also a free arcade just in case someone’s in need of a good game or two. 

Although these five museums range from topics — including film stars, animations, and popular books — they all have one theme in common: childhood. On International Museum Day, we can all visit a Disney or superhero museum to see our favorite characters in action. We can also celebrate our favorite authors as well by visiting and learning more about their creations. 

In the end, International Museum Day is perhaps a time when we can achieve our elementary school dreams after all.

Photo by Anderson Guerra on Pexels



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