These 4 Radiant-Shaped Engagement Rings Are Trending This Year

Radiant-Shaped Engagement Ring

Looking for the perfect ring to express your love? A jewelry combining 16th-century elegance with modern-day brilliance? In that case, a Radiant Shaped Engagement ring is your best bet. 

Radiant Shaped Rings have only existed for 40 years but rival their vintage predecessors and contemporary counterparts with their unique style and sparkle. They’ve even been the center stone for celebrity engagement rings like Khloe Kardashian and Jennifer Aniston. 

These rings have become popular because of the way in which the cut provides a sparkling stone with outstanding depth. It’s the perfect shape for bubbly, outgoing types who want something different.

Therefore, If you desire the perfect proposal jewelry, this article presents some of the most Radiant Cut engagement rings deserving of those special fingers.

1. Classic, Simple, and Stylish

Image via Keyzar.

Less is more, and simplicity can rival complexity. You can achieve this goal with The Lexie; a sleek, stunning, and understated Radiant Cut engagement ring. 

It comes with smooth lines that curve away from the delicate shank, crossing at the bridge and climbing upwards, creating the setting’s lustrous prongs. The Lexie also delivers elegance as shimmering gold parts form the ring band, creating a simple but unique cradle for the center stone. 

The Solitaire Kamelie also embodies this simple and Stylish design as its silver bands are slender and halo-like, giving the radiant cut diamond an additional sparkle underneath.

Ultimately, these engagement rings are timeless and evoke a silent beauty that’s gentle on the eyes and impossible to ignore. 

2. Nature-Inspired

Image via Keyzar.

Become one with nature The Twig Radiant Shaped Engagement ring, symbolizes the addition of new branches to your family tree. It carried a Twig-like band with subtle sparkles that compliment the wearer’s fingers and emphasized the center stone. 

You can take things further and go for the Textured Twig, which offers the same Nature-inspired look but reimagined with a rough-finished band similar to the texture of a wooden branch. 

These trendy Nature-inspired Radiant Cut engagement rings have bands with fine details and crisp lines that highlight the center stone. Also, despite their unconventional design, they’re easy and comfortable to wear for long periods. 

3. Sophisticated and Precious

Image via Keyzar.

Want to be the center of attraction and curiosity? The dazzling twist of The Alice and the sparkle-filled band of The Paved Lexie can ignite curiosity in even the most apathetic onlookers. 

Alice has a rope-like ring band that goes through the finger and eventually turns into four claws. These claws house a dainty basket with a hidden halo alongside the center stone itself. 

As for the pave lexie, the silver band is riddled with smaller stones that give your finger an extra sparkle while complimenting the center stone as well. 

Ultimately, both rings speak refinement and modernity, providing you with enough uniqueness to have heads turning your way. 

4. Bold and Majestic

Image via Keyvar.

Look Majestic and express your royalty with the vintage sophistication of The Jasmine and the boldness of the Scarlett

The Jasmine’s art-deco design features milgrain detailing, which is a pattern of round-shaped structures embedded with smaller diamonds occupying half of the golden band. The royal touch makes it a classy option for outfits and even a potential heirloom for generations. 

The Scarlett’s center stone is flanked on both sides by clusters of round brilliant diamonds, which are combined with the silver band to add sparkle to the jewelry piece. 

The boldness and majesty of both Radiant Cut engagement rings will draw attention to your fingers and can function as heirlooms in your family for generations. 

Radiant-shaped engagement rings are an ideal choice if you desire a bright, sparkling ring on your significant other’s finger. They come with the most brilliant cuts, allowing them to reflect light optimally and create dazzling sparkles. 

For more options on Radiant Shaped Engagement Rings of all types, shapes, sizes, and prices, visit Keyzar and make a life-changing choice today.

Photo by ricardo rojas on Pexels.



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