A Beginner’s Guide To Lab-Grown Diamonds

If you’re on a tight budget and are not planning to emphasize the distinctiveness of a natural diamond, then a perfect substitute would be to buy an exquisite lab-created diamond for a significantly lesser price. However, without proper knowledge about these diamonds and without knowing about the right places to get them, most buyers can lose their hard-earned money. Thus, with the top-end features of Rarecarat.com, it becomes easy to buy top-quality lab-harvested diamonds

What Are Lab Grown Diamonds?

Lab-created diamonds (which are also known as synthetic diamonds, lab-grown artificial diamonds, or cultivated diamonds) are synthetic diamonds that mimic the characteristics of natural diamonds. Since their main design elements are carbon atoms, lab-grown diamonds exhibit the same optical and chemical features as natural diamond crystals that are further shaped by the geological activities of Mother Nature.

The prices of synthetic diamonds are typically lower than diamonds due to their demand and nature, and the cost of lab-created diamonds is continuing to fall (as much as 30% per year). It is excellent news for anyone who wants to buy the finest quality diamonds at a perfect price. The best prices on lab diamond rings can be availed on Rarecarat.com. 

Why Lab Grown Diamonds are Better?

Here are some convincing reasons to buy lab-grown diamond rings from Rarecarat.com. 

Superior Quality and Pure

Diamonds produced in sterile conditions above the earth are superior to dirt diamonds blasted from the planet with diesel and dynamite compounds. Compared to diamonds grown in the chaos beneath the earth’s surface, the diamonds produced, shaped, and characterized by perfectionists have fewer chances of flaws and very low stress on their crystal structures.

The more brilliant the stone color looks, the greater the diamond’s purity. All lab-grown diamonds from Rarecarat.com are certified with the highest purity ratings from various gemological institutes. Less than 2 per cent of mined diamonds are awarded the highly sought-after Type IIa purity grade. 

The Known Origin of all Diamonds

It’s not difficult to pinpoint the exact source of each lab diamond in the Rarecarat.com jewelry collection compared to the mined diamond. It is because more than six billion diamonds were taken from the earth’s surface over the last several centuries. Most of them were unearthed during the 20th century, much before the lab diamond-making process was there. 

Environmental Superiority

Diamond mines are among the deepest holes ever discovered on the earth that require vast quantities of fossil fuels to extract the gems using large equipment. Many diamond mines measure 1 mile in size and are 1,722 feet deep. These mines are among the most significant holes on earth.

Additionally, diamond mining gets less sustainable with each passing year. However, the process of growing diamonds is the more eco-friendly choice. Many diamond farmers are using renewable energy to produce diamonds, and many diamond-growing facilities are in construction within areas where renewable energy is readily available. 

Both Lab Grown and Mined Diamonds Look the Same

One of the most significant advantages of purchasing a lab-grown diamond is that it appears precisely like a mined diamond to one’s naked eye. Diamond detectors and conventional observations cannot discern the difference between them since they’re identical optically and chemically. The only distinction is that diamonds grown in labs are engraved on their microscopic surface scale. But, without highly-specialized equipment that can interpret the inscription, these two types of diamonds cannot be distinguished. 

Better Diamonds for the Budget

Rare Carat lab diamonds are about 40-50 per cent cheaper than their mined variants, but they’re almost of the same quality. It is due to two factors: supplying lab-grown diamonds has become more efficient, and the earnings from diamond mining companies have significantly increased.

So, you can get a generous amount and better quality diamonds for the same budget when you opt for Rarecarat lab-grown diamonds instead of mined diamonds. For instance, for about the same price as 1.5-carat solitaire engagement rings sold by an expensive retailer, it is possible to purchase a 2.0 or 2.5-carat lab-grown diamond of similar quality from Rarecarat. 

Find Good Lab-Created Diamond Deals 

It is easy to look for high-quality Lab Grown diamonds on the official Website of Rarecarat. While scrolling through their search page, click on the Lab’ button. You’ll quickly notice the entire lab-made diamonds available within your budget and specs.

After selecting your preferred diamond, you need to click on the add the ring’ button. The option shows all the settings available for that particular diamond type, shape, and size.

After selecting the setting, it’s time to click on the complete ring with the setting button to be on the checkout page. When it is challenging to get the intended environment, all the retailers offer custom designs. Further, talk to a gemologist to start on the diamond design. 

Complete the Ring with Setting

In this step, we move towards the payment method to buy the engagement rings (they accept debit/credit, PayPal, and other financings from different countries. Make sure the production and shop times take around 2 – you get an email the night before the beginning of the shipping process, so it would be good to ask an adult to be home to sign the courier.

Ultimately the purchase preferences of most customers while shopping for mined, natural, or lab-made diamonds are based on three things:

  • Their budget
  • Personal preferences
  • Whether they want a good resale value or not

Rare Carat is the perfect marketplace where it is easy to buy a professionally crafted lab diamond. We’ll find out how to get the best deals. 

Get the Best Pricing

The Website makes it Simple to Compare Prices from more than 150 trusted Wholesalers. Thus, they cut the middleman and looked right into the source.

Get the Best Deal with the help of Professionals and unbiased AI

Rarecarat.com offers the best prices with the service of its quality ratings and price, ultimately guiding the client towards the ideal deal on the best lab diamond engagement rings.

In case of any confusion, expert GIA Gemologists are always eager to help. 

Protection at all Phases

Before shipping the item, the Rarecarat.com team inspects the authenticity of the diamond. The diamond experts also offer free, insured shipping, resizing, and 30-day returns. Also, customers are protected forever with a lifetime warranty on the lab diamond ring. 

Is a Lab-Grown Diamond It Worth It?

These diamonds are worth each penny paid. Deciding whether to purchase an engagement ring with the look of a lab-grown diamond is an individual decision. Most people aren’t interested in rings containing “blood diamonds,” so lab-grown diamonds are an excellent option to achieve the same appearance. They know that the diamond is being produced ethically. 

In the end, it’s all about the set budget. Diamonds grown in labs could mean that it is possible to buy more expensive diamond engagement rings for the same price. Because lab-grown diamonds are considerably less costly in ethical sourcing and they can be an ideal alternative to conventional diamonds. But ultimately, it depends on what kind of diamond is compatible with the individual and the partner’s values and their budget. Thus, with all the essential support and knowledge Rarecarat.com should be the first place to look at while buying lab-grown diamond jewellery like rings, pendants, necklaces, etc.

Photo by Scott Webb


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