The 8 Most Iconic Lines From Taylor Swift’s “Vigilante Shit”

“Vigilante Shit” is one of my favorite songs from Taylor Swift’s “Midnights,” which is saying a lot, considering how many songs I love off the album! The song’s title is already awesome, and the lyrics match that. Here are my favorite lines from this badass song.

1. “You did some bad things, but I’m the worst of them.”

I love how she’s saying she’s a bad person, but also saying she’s the worst thing the person has done. As we know back from 2010, there is nothing Taylor Swift does better than revenge.

2. “Sometimes I wonder which one will be your last lie.”

This harkens back to the line “For every lie I tell them, they tell me three” from Reputation’s “I Did Something Bad,” so it’s really no coincidence that I love both songs. I love what it’s saying here: “I know you’re lying but you don’t know that, so I want to see you dig yourself deeper into the hole.” 

3. “They say looks can kill, and I might try.”

“Looks can kill” is a common saying, but it’s one thing to look like you can kill and another to imply you’ll actually do the killing or even contemplate it. It’s safe to say that there are more ways to kill someone than just physically. 

4. “Lately, I’ve been dressing for revenge.”

People might see revenge as bad and even trivial in some instances, but here Taylor embraces it, wearing it proudly like a gown at the gala. This song fully embraces the idea of living revenge without regret, and I am 100% here for it.

5. “I don’t start shit, but I can tell you how it ends.”

This is the spiciest lyric by far. It’s one thing to look to start trouble, but it’s another thing entirely to say “I’m not looking for trouble, but if you bring it my way you’re not going to like what happens.” A sharp warning, indeed, that makes me feel like a badass.

6. “Don’t get sad; get even.”

Forgive and forget? No. Fully embrace your villain persona with this line. Instead of feeling upset with yourself, do something about it—make the other person pay. You’ll feel better for it.

7. “The lady simply had enough.”

Women have a thousand reasons to be angry; there’s a reason “hell has no fury like a woman scorned” is a saying. When you’ve been stepped on for too long, you’re going to snap—and it won’t be pretty for your perpetrators.

8. “I’m on my vigilante shit again.”

This song ties everything perfectly together—what more could you ask for? It name-drops the song and explains how everything she said here is about being your own hero. Don’t wait for someone to save you; be your own vigilante.  

Be bold. Be brave. Don’t forgive people. Get on your vigilante shit and dress for revenge. Embrace your villain era—there’s no better way to live.

Featured Video via Taylor Swift’s YouTube



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