7 Ways To Quickly Relax Yourself


Are you finding it challenging to relax these days? When you’ve carved out some downtime, are you too vigilant to chill out? Is restful sleep eluding you? Rest assured: You’re not alone. With all of the challenges that many people are going through both personally and collectively, it’s no wonder that finding serenity is so difficult. Fortunately, there are effective things you can do to relax more easily and quickly. Here are seven of them. 

1. Maintain a Consistent Sleep Routine

Your sleep routine makes a big impact on all of the hormonal processes in your body. Disruption in that routine results in your hormones going out of whack, causing an increase of cortisol (the “fight or flight hormone”) and altered melatonin levels. Both changes affect energy and mood, so it’s a challenge to get to and stay asleep. Also, don’t neglect other factors that might be contributing to sleep issues. Try a search using terms such as sleep apnea natural treatment to find helpful information and advice. 

2. Do Mindful Breathing Exercises

Paying attention to your breathing (and slowing it down) will help you to relax more easily. One of the most well-known methods is box breathing, which alternates inhaling/exhaling with holding your breath for a few seconds. Once you get the knack of it, mindful breathing is a soothing way to make yourself feel more serene. Interested in some innovative methods for addressing some of the issues that interfere with relaxation? Spend some time searching online, using specific words such as shock wave therapy device.

3. Maintain Your Exercise Routine

Establish and cultivate a sensible, sustainable exercise routine that includes cardiovascular, strength, flexibility, and agility training. Make sure it’s appropriate for your age, life stage, fitness level, and medical condition. Get clearance from a health professional before you begin. Pair it with a healthy eating plan. Consider hiring a trainer to get yourself started on the right foot. Within a few weeks, you’ll notice better energy, sleep, and an increased ability to relax. 

4. Nurture Yourself

Depending on your background and upbringing, you may (or may not!) have learned how to self-soothe. Be honest with yourself and examine the ways that you soothe yourself. Are they safe and effective? If not, get the help you need, whether it’s from a counselor or an addiction-related support group. Nurturing yourself consistently (and reaching out for appropriate nurturance from others) causes a cascade of feel-good hormones that help you to relax and feel safe and supported. 

5. Get Sufficient Sunlight

Are you indoors for most of the day? Reverse that habit. Getting plenty of time outdoors helps to reset circadian rhythms, so you rest and fall asleep naturally. It’s also the best way to get vitamin D, which boosts your immunity. Then, you’ll associate being indoors and reclining with relaxation and settling in. It’ll be much easier to doze off. 

6. Practice Yoga

The practice of yoga is a gentle, powerful way to tap into your body’s capacity for relaxation. There’s no need to make it too complicated or strenuous. Start with a beginner’s class or even a simple YouTube video, and do the poses combined with smooth, relaxed breathing. Before long, you’ll reset your body to a calmer state of being. Even slow stretching exercises or gentle Pilates can make a big difference. 

7. Try Meditation or Prayer

Prayer, meditation, and other types of mindfulness or spiritual practices are time-honored ways to settle yourself down, find comfort and meaning, and focus on the here and now. These age-old methods are an antidote to a busy, frantic culture. The most important thing is that you do what’s most comfortable and congruent with your culture and beliefs. The community you find with such practices can be reassuring, too. 

To find ways to relax more quickly, it’s crucial that you treat yourself gently and holistically. Give these suggestions a try to feel more grounded, connected, and tranquil. 

Feature Image by Faruk Tokluoğlu on Unsplash


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