This Female Entrepreneur Found Her Niche Making Sustainable Jewelry

Meet Keanna Ide, one of the fiercest and most fabulous girl bosses that I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet! Ide was able to turn her passion for jewelry-making into her full-time job, and the world of fashion is forever grateful! As a young girl, Ide loved making jewelry and enjoyed attending beading classes at a small studio where she grew up. As an adult, she transformed making and selling jewelry from a fun hobby into a lucrative side hustle. Today, Ide operates Keachains Jewelry as a full-time business!

Ide not only makes a living selling beautiful jewelry, but she also prioritizes repurposed jewelry and emphasizes sustainability. The first repurposed necklace Ide ever made was actually a gift for her grandmother. After showing the necklace to friends, Ide started getting requests to make them necklaces, too. Before long, Ide realized she had found a valuable niche in the jewelry world.

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Keanna Ide took her passion, made it her job, and became her own boss. For aspiring female entrepreneurs, what Ide has accomplished is basically life goals. But before Ide could become a business owner, she had to put in the work to grow Keachains and turn it into the success it is today! Luckily for us, Ide was kind enough to share the story of how Keachains was born. Not only is her story extremely impressive, but it holds valuable insights to inspire future female entrepreneurs. 

Catie Kovelman: How did you fall in love with jewelry?

Keanna Ide: When I was little, I loved making jewelry and expressing myself through art! I studied art throughout high school and college, where I minored in studio art and was really into fine detail and color. I think my jewelry is just an extension of my passion for art. Wearing jewelry has always allowed me to express my personal style and helped me feel confident and empowered. So I hope others feel the same when they wear my pieces! 

CK: When and why did you start your Etsy shop? 

KI: I first started using Etsy in 2014. I had a small shop called “Starry Eyed for Art,” where I sold little handmade crystal earrings and necklaces along with prints of my original art. I took a break while I worked full-time in retail and then started getting back into jewelry-making. I officially started selling on Instagram after launching Keachains in 2019, and I just re-opened my Etsy shop in the fall of 2021! Once the pandemic hit, I needed to find a way to get creative and make some money since everything had been shut down. That was when Keachains was born, and I really started to hustle and make a serious effort to make it my full-time job!

CK: How did you decide what to sell on Etsy? 

KI: When I originally started Keachains, I focused solely on repurposed jewelry that was up-cycled. I used items like vintage designer buttons, charms, and pendants. I am passionate about sustainability and the idea of creating something new and modern from an unused, worn-out item. After my business began to grow, I found that people wanted repurposed designer pieces and everyday affordable jewelry. So I prioritize providing high-quality handmade pieces that don’t break the bank. I also always say my Etsy shop is for “everyday essentials” that can elevate anyone’s unique style. 

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CK: How do you balance running an Etsy shop with your other responsibilities? 

KI: Balancing can be difficult at times! I am currently earning my Master’s Degree at USC and planning my wedding with my incredible fiancé. He is my #1 supporter! He even helps me take my packages to the post office on days when I get really swamped! But, ultimately, making jewelry is really therapeutic for me. I have formed so many amazing relationships with my customers that it usually feels more like fun than work! 

CK: What have you learned from running your own business? 

KI: I have learned so much about social media marketing, photography, and customer service. Running my own business has also taught me how to source quality materials, turn them into quality pieces, and stay up-to-date on the trends. It has shown me how important it is to stay passionate about what you’re doing. If you’re not passionate about what you’re doing, selling, or making, why should anyone else be passionate about it? 

CK: What advice would you tell someone on the fence about starting their own Etsy shop or small business? 

KI: My advice is to DO IT NOW! I know it can seem scary to put yourself and your products out there in the world, especially in today’s society when people can be so cruel on the internet. However, you can’t let those people get you down. Don’t get discouraged if your business or shop doesn’t take off right away. Sometimes great things take time. So as long as you’re following your dreams, nothing should be able to stop you! Passion is contagious, and you will gain a following of people who admire what you’re doing. They will catch on if they can feel that you’re putting your heart and soul into it! 

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CK: What would you say is your greatest achievement since starting your shop? 

KI: The incredible relationships I’ve developed with so many people along the way. The lasting connections in the Keachains community mean the most to me. So many women have found my page, and I consider them my great friends despite never meeting in person. We talk, laugh, and catch up on life even though some of them live across the world! It makes me so happy that people not only support my small business and like the pieces I make, but they are also so friendly and actually take the time to keep in touch with me! 

You can connect with Keanna by shopping Keachains Jewelry on Etsy or visiting her on Instagram!

*Some answers have been edited for length and clarity*

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