5 Simple Ways To Elevate Your Look For Your Next Date Night


Finding the perfect outfit to wear on any given date night is usually an exciting task that every girl looks forward to. Dinner dates give you the excuse to dress up and be bold with your style, an excuse that many of us did not have in 2020. Whether you decide to stay in or go out, there are certain ways you can bring your look to the next level in order to catch your partners eye. If you’re feeling as though your go-to styles have run their course, consider some of the tips below on how you can elevate your next look to truly stand out.

Choose the Right Material

Though many date night dresses nowadays tend to include sparkles and sequins, sometimes this material can be more trouble than it’s worth. Instead of going for a full-on glam look by wearing a glitter covered dress, look for other materials that will help you to stand out without restricting you throughout the night. Going for a look made from softer material like this asymmetrical velvet dress from Windsor will keep you looking polished without causing you to accidentally cover your date in sparkles. Materials like velvet, or even silk, embrace the fabrics of winter without sacrificing your comfort. There are plenty of other ways to incorporate some extra glamour into your outfit without going overboard with sequins, so keep reading to find out how!

Seize the Opportunity to Wear Heels

Having an excuse to wear your favorite stilettos or wedges has been a rare occurrence in the last year, which is why you should seize the opportunity on your next night out (or in). A simple step to take if you want to add an extra wow factor to your look is to go for shoes that are sure to start a conversation and add some extra flare to your outfit. 

Currently, the more popular styles of heels tend to include glitter, animal prints, or even faux fur. So ditch your go-to nude pumps and choose something more bold like these fluffy high heel sandals from Lulus. Feathery stilettos are the perfect way to make a statement without overpowering the rest of your look. Whether you opt to wear a bodysuit and your favorite jeans, or you go for a dress, heels have the power to elevate any outfit, so don’t settle for flats. 

Wear Intimates that Flatter You

Any outfit you decide on wearing will only be as flattering as what you have on underneath it. Wearing too many layers combined with bulky undergarments can ruin the rest of your look and cause you to ditch the outfit you worked so hard to plan. A surefire way to avoid this is by wearing intimates that will go completely unnoticed under your clothes. Layer with undergarments that will flatter you, like silhouette-enhancing underwear from SKIMS, as a base layer like this will help you to avoid any external bunching or kinks in your outfit. By starting your look with flattering intimates that you can wear all night long, you’ll ultimately be able to fight the urge to change back into your sweatpants before the date night is over. 

Add Some Glitz to Your Makeup

Finally, if you do decide to take our advice and avoid a full-on sequined look, you can then incorporate any extra glitz you feel you’re missing into your makeup and nails. Go for a shiny metallic manicure or add a subtle layer of glitter on top of your favorite nail polish to incorporate a touch of sparkle into any outfit. You can also have some extra fun by making your foundation shine with a liquid highlighter from Glossier. Giving your makeup a fresh dewy finish with the right highlighter will make all the difference as the finishing shining touches to your look!

Whether you’re going out for dinner or staying in, you can still find the perfect look for the perfect night with your man. With these tips, you’re well on your way to slaying your outfit for your next date night.

Feature Image by Viktoria Slowikowska from Pexels


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