June Is Men’s Health Month, Here Are 3 Ways We Can All Take Part

Health is one of the most important aspects of our lives. Because health looks slightly different for different genders, though, we celebrate Men’s Health Month every June and encourage boys and men alike to practice healthy living.

According to research, men are more than women likely to develop a variety of conditions. In fact, men have a higher risk for cancer, heart disease, and hearing loss than women do. And most recently, statistics have shown that men are even at greater risk of contracting Coronavirus than women are. But why is this the case? 

Studies also show that men are 50 percent less likely than women to seek preventive care and medical advice for health conditions. Their tendency to seek help in lower numbers than other genders does increase their chances of developing life-threatening illnesses. Moreover, men can prevent many of these conditions if they seek help for their health as early as possible. 

Here are three steps we can take this month to remind the men in our lives about the importance of their health:

1. Encourage them to have regular check-ups.

Most men don’t go in for regular checkups because of society’s expectation that they should be “strong” all the time. Because many men consider pain a sign of weakness, they may shrug off the signs of discomfort and pain in their bodies. Therefore, now is a great time to remind the men we care about that if they notice that something feels “off” with their bodies or minds, they should go in for a check-up.

2. Support their physical fitness goals.

Thanks to social media, we constantly see workout videos and toned bodies that make us feel like we have to look a certain way. While we might associate these videos with women, many also encourage men to work on their fitness. If your  brothers, boyfriend, or male friends want to try out a workout video, let them. Support their goals because daily workouts will help them develop healthy bodies and sound minds.

3. Join them in making healthy food choices.

Today, so much of our food is “instant,” especially if we have busy lifestyles. We often eat fatty burgers, salty snacks, and sweet desserts, which puts us at higher risk for diabetes, high blood pressure, and kidney failure. Therefore, if we want the men we love to eat healthily, we should create an environment that helps them make healthier food choices. We should also join them in eating organic food, consuming more vegetables, and drinking lots of water. When we take the lead and eat healthier food alongside the men in our lives, we don’t just help them; we also work towards better health ourselves.

There are many ways we can support our male partners, friends, and family members this Men’s Health Month. This is the time that we can help our male loved ones establish healthier habits and set them up for a lifetime of better health.

Featured Photo by Chander R on Unsplash



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