10 Hangover Cures That Will Save Your Life

You promised yourself that you wouldn’t drink too much this weekend, but oops, you did it again. But how can you feel better quickly? If you’re looking for a cure for your brutal hangover, here are 10 ways to dull the ache.

Sleep it off.

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Since the only true hangover cure is time, why remain conscious while you suffer? If you have the day off, curl up in your jammies and indulge in one of life’s most delightful pleasures — going back to bed. Let the sleep experts say what they will about getting up at the same time each day — you’re nursing a hangover and need all the sleep you can get! 

Drink lots of water.

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Did you party so hard last night that you feel like you’re dying? Drinking as much water as you can to rehydrate your body. If you find that drinking water makes you feel more nauseous, try drinking fizzy seltzer water or sucking on a pure ginger candy to reduce the urge to vomit.  

Eat a greasy meal.

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Many people who overindulge head to the diner the next morning for a hearty breakfast of deep-fried, greasy food. Admittedly, it’s better to fuel up on heavy food before you head out than to try to compensate the morning after. However, food can absorb some of the alcohol still sloshing around in your belly, which can reduce the effects of your hangover. Some people swear that fatty food coats their stomach and makes them feel better after a night of drinking, but listen to your body. If an order of homefries sounds disgusting, make some oatmeal instead! 

Wear sunglasses.

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You’re not crazy if when you’re hungover, you think that the sun resembles the evil killer in some of the old “Super Mario Bros” kingdoms. Excessive alcohol consumption decreases B-vitamins in your blood, which can affect your reaction to sunlight when you have a hangover. 

Try an IV.

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If you have the means, you can replace your missing fluids and nutrients via an IV in order to cure your dehydration and vitamin b depletion. Reality TV stars from Vanderpump Rules and Jersey Shore have popularized IV hangover cures, but using an IV does have real benefits. An IV can bypass your stomach, so you’re less likely to vomit.

Take over-the-counter (OTC) medications.

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If you feel like a troupe of angry dwarfs is hammering away at the inside of your skull, turn to over-the-counter (OTC) relief. However, stay away from products containing acetaminophen. While they’re safe in small quantities, they can potentially damage your liver, and you’ve already put it through the wringer. An OTC ibuprofen or two should quiet your pounding head. 

Your Saturday night on the town doesn’t have to turn into a brunch-time nightmare on Sunday. If you’re feeling the effects of your drinks the morning after, try these tips to reduce your hangover pain, and you’ll feel as good as new!

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