5 Effortless Holiday Decor You Need To Buy For Your Place

holiday decor

Whether it’s the first Christmas you’re celebrating in your own home or the first time you actually feel compelled to have some holiday decor, there’s no shame in decorating your home. It’s fun to feel festive and decorate your home even if you are overwhelmed with what exactly to get. 

But don’t worry, I have a list of simple Christmas decor that isn’t hard to find (or make) and is simple, yet effective. 

Jingle bells/Ornament bowl 

The perfect centerpiece for your coffee table or kitchen table is a small and simple bowl or vase filled with jingle bells or ornaments. All you need is a huge glass bowl or round vase and to fill it with little ornaments. You could include one color, multiple colors or one color with a few stand out ones included. Then, buy a tiny strand of twinkly lights from the dollar or craft store and place it in the bowl too. Turn on the lights at night time and voila! It’s a fun little craft you can easily do in a night and make for less than $10. 

Table runner

Another simple idea for your dining room table or coffee table includes making a table runner. If rustic is your theme, use plaid, or if you like glitz and glam use a sparkly scarf or blanket. Fold it up in order to create a table runner. You can put a vase (like the one mentioned above) or mini Christmas trees in whatever pattern you desire along the table to match. 

Cozy-looking pillows

Whether they have a Christmas quote (like “Joy to the world”) or just look super festive with the decorative accent, treat yourself to a few throw pillows for your couch or bed. You can also add a fuzzy throw blanket if you wish to make it even cozier. They will make guests feel more at home during holidays.

Ornament windows

To create the cute illusion for your neighbors that you are festive AF, buy some super light and non-breakable ornaments. Grab some strong string and place it through the top of the ornament and tie it at one end. Use the other end to either tape to the top of the window or tie on a curtain rod (if you have one). Repeat these steps with each ornament and create different lengths to get your own unique effect. 

Festive quote picture

There are tons of festive pictures online and in stores to put on your counters or end tables. The best part is that you get to pick the sayings and make sure that it matches your color schemes too. Plus, they’ll always add a simple elegance. 

And of course, if you are still unsure of what else to buy that’s in your budget, just buy a bunch of twinkly lights and throw it around the place wherever you can. It’s really easy to decorate your home in a simple and effective way to help it turn into a Hallmark romance scene. You just need to take the time and do it! It can only take an afternoon if that’s all you have.

Featured image via JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash


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