In Honor Of National Kiss Day, Here Are 7 Hilarious First Kiss Stories


Whether it was good, bad, or uneventful, most of us probably remember our first kiss (unless it involved alcohol, that is.) Today is, in fact, National Kiss Day, which seems like the perfect time to do some reminiscing. For me, it was a proper Disney Channel teen show, front porch in the moonlight, felt-like-slow-motion, cheesy-as-hell moment.

However, many other people out there would attest that first kisses can go a number of different ways, and are, more often than not, very far from perfect. So, here is a nice selection of cute, cringey, comical, and creepy first kiss tales!

1. Ah, the painfully awkward “fish kiss”. You might’ve never kissed before, but you still know it probably shouldn’t go like this.

“When I was 15, my first boyfriend and I decided to finally kiss after two weeks of dating.

He looked down at me and said, “are you ready?’ I nodded my head.

He then proceeded to put his entire lips AROUND mine, not on, but completely around.

It was so gross”

–       holla_at_cho_boi69

2. Unfortunately, some guys just can’t take a hint, and really need to learn how to control themselves. Not cool.

“During a time when I was trying to be straight, I took a guy to a school dance with me.

He confessed that he liked me after getting into a fight with one of my male friends at the time.

While we were dancing, he kept trying to lift my chin up and kiss me, and each time he did that, I would look away and make an excuse.

When we dropped him off at the end of the night, he forcibly kissed me when my parents weren’t looking.

I never truly counted that as my first kiss, as I didn’t want it. But it still creeps me out to this day.”

–       gothoprah

3.  Never underestimate the power of (probably awkward) teamwork!

“The boy had to stand on a skateboard to reach my lips. While his friend held one side with his foot and my friend holding the other so it wouldn’t slip.”

–       OrangeBubbly1

4. Panicked and painful, but certainly memorable!

“I kissed a girl for the first time a couple of days ago and it was verrry awkward. Long story short, she kissed me while we were at the park on one of those basket swings. I got freaked out (even though she literally asked me) and pushed her away, ended up pushing myself out of the swing and fracturing my wrist.”

–       u/SpongeBitch

5.  A real-life childhood fairytale.

“My first kiss happened over summer after ninth grade. I went to a pre fourth of July firework show in the park. I went with that childhood friend at the time. We sat on a hill with a view of the lake. She’s always liked me and I liked her and we were both afraid of telling each other because we thought it would ruin our friendship and we never talked about it. We were talking about bullshit and she cuddled my arm and wanted my hoodie. My dumbass didn’t pick up the signals that she liked me too. Fireworks were going off, she got brave and confessed her love for me and I did also. Then we kissed as the fireworks went off”

– Anon

6.  Suspicions confirmed and awkwardly announced – but an overall success!

I’d just met him and we snuck away at a party. We made out for like 20 minutes, and I was so glad and absolutely freaking out because it felt like all my worries about ‘faking’ being gay had been disproved. Then, however, I accidentally said “wow, okay, I’m definitely gay.” He stepped back and was like YOU DIDN’T KNOW UNTIL JUST NOW??

I had to awkwardly explain that I thought I was but it’s always nice to get that confirmation from your first kiss… so yeah, I wanted to die at the time but now I think it’s hilarious.

–   gaylordtumblr

And finally, 

7. Even celebs can relate to the awkwardness of a first kiss. Ouch. Billie Eilish recently shared her first kiss, at age 15.

“I went to the movies with a boy and I hadn’t kissed anybody in my life, so, we went to the movies … and then we had this whole plan, we were gonna go to the roof of a parking lot, we were just gonna look at the stars… So, we went to the roof, we sat there, and we kissed,’

‘Right after we kissed, he says, “Wow, that was really not as magical, at all, as I thought it was supposed to be.”

‘What the f*** am I supposed to say to that, b****?” she commented.

Do you have your own awkward first kiss story? Tell us in the comments!

Featured image from @charry-jin-921439 via Pexels.


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