Burger King Battles Stigmas And The Competition With ‘Real Meals’

In America, May means Mental Health Awareness Month. 1 in 5 experience mental illness in the United States today. Therefore, many businesses have started launching campaigns alongside Mental Health America’s efforts each May.

This year, fast food giant Burger King is letting us know that we can not only have it our way with them, but we can feel our own way, too, with their Real Meals.

“MHA is very pleased to partner with Burger King,” says MHA’s president and CEO, Paul Gionfriddo.

“While not everyone would think about pairing fast food and mental health, MHA believes in elevating the conversation in all communities in order to address mental illness Before Stage 4. By using its internationally-known reputation to discuss the importance of mental health, Burger King is bringing much-needed awareness to this important and critical discussion – and letting its customers know that is OK to not be OK.”

As a jab at their #1 competition, Burger King says that “no one is happy all the time,” so food choices should reflect that. Burger King’s Real Meal options include: Blue, Salty, Pissed, YAAAS, and DGAF. Each option includes its own logo and color scheme, as well as branding from MHA.

If you’re craving a flame-grilled Whopper today, note the limitations on this amazing campaign.

These Real Meals only come with their Whopper combo (original Whopper, fries, and drink). No toy included, either, which is a bummer. No details have released regarding if proceeds will go to Mental Health America or if this campaign is simply for awareness purposes.

Furthermore, this campaign is only launching in Austin, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and Seattle.

Regardless, you can still visit Burger King to support their efforts and use the hashtag #FeelYourWay when you post pics of your meal on Instagram or Twitter. Or, if you’re vegetarian, you can enjoy one of their new Impossible Whoppers, which will be available nationwide.

Feature Image via Instagram


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