10 Places To Go To Properly Celebrate ‘National Hot Fudge Sundae Day’

Happy National Hot Fudge Sundae Day! Yes, it’s not a joke, there’s actually a day for hot fudge sundaes… why not? There’s just something about that combination of the creamy chill mixed with the thick, rich, warm fudge that makes the perfect combination for my taste buds.

In the spirit of the holiday and my own desire to eat all the ice cream, here’s a list of 10 national chains where you can grab a sundae and my short commentary on each.



I absolutely love A&W in general, especially for their root beer floats. They do have sundaes that are decent, but I don’t particularly enjoy the whipped cream on them… it’s just a preference to go without for me.


I was actually unsure that Baskin-Robbins had sundaes, because I don’t typically equate their “31 flavors” with being a place to seek that type of treat. They do have them, though, and if you don’t mind that they aren’t soft serve, I think you’ll be satisfied.

Burger King

The King definitely has it going on with pretty much all their foods, and the ice cream is delicious and reasonable. Their sundaes compare closely with McDonald’s, but at least their ice cream machines are usually working, unlike the Golden Arches.


This Wisconsin-based chain technically serves frozen custard, not ice cream. They do have sundaes, though! Like Baskin-Robbins, they aren’t a soft-serve style chain, but if you are cool with scoops instead of swirls, you’ll enjoy the treat.

Dairy Queen

I may be a bit partial to DQ, but there’s really nothing bad about anything on their menu, hot fudge sundae included. It may not be as cheap as McDonald’s, but you are paying for higher quality soft serve and a larger portion.


I love that I can get my sundae fix here for just over $1, and there’s something about the thickness of their fudge that I love. I don’t, however, love waiting in the drive-thru only to be told that their ice cream machine isn’t working. This seems to be a common issue nationwide.

Rita’s Italian Ice

The first time I went to Rita’s, I was honestly a little overwhelmed at all that they provide! They do italian ice, but they also do ice cream and gelato. There are so many choices that you may not even want a hot fudge sundae from here, but if you do, they are decently delicious.

Sonic Drive-In

I love their sundaes and their willingness to alter items for me as desired (like adding strawberries to my sundae). I am not a fan of their whipped cream, though, and sometimes the carhops are slow getting the goods to you and things begin to melt. Overall, one of my favorite places to get a hot fudge sundae, though.


Mostly known for their steakburgers, thin fries, and delectable shakes, Steak-N-Shake is a favorite for my family. I never realized they have hot fudge sundaes, though! They aren’t bad, but I’ll probably continue to go for the chocolate covered strawberry shake when I’m there.


This national chain might not be near you since they only have around 350 locations. They have sundaes, but their froyo isn’t my favorite. It’ll satisfy the urge, though?

Hopefully your mouth is now watering and you are ready to head to the nearest place with a sundae. Indulge yourself today and celebrate this national day set aside for one of the best ice cream treats. Also, I was unable to hit other places like Carvel because we don’t have them locally, so feel free to seek your own adventure to try some other places, too! Who knows, maybe you’ll just need to grab sundaes from more than one place?

Feature Image by Donald Tong from Pexels


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