The Dark Place In My Heart Belongs To You

Sometimes my heart thinks in poetic ways. It sees ideas play out in front of it, tying the thoughts together with rhyme and always looking for another verse. It is just a series of small thoughts that come together to create a poem, screaming to be written down. Here is one of those poems about an ex who we can never really seem to let go off:

There is a shadow in my heart,

This dark area of matter that goes unseen.

This place where the light isn’t able to reach,

But the weary eye is keen.

There is a deep place in my heart,

Where words cannot touch and songs cannot reach.

A place that has been hollowed out,

And kept under lock and key.

It is a location that I don’t visit often,

Because it is a haunted place.

It is a time that I choose not to remember,

Along with memories that I’m not able to face.

It is a shelter of a love that I once held so dear,

And a sanctuary for the one I used to love the most.

It is a haven for the good times that I choose to forget,

And a face that has become a ghost.

It can be scary there,

Seeing all the memories flash before my eyes.

But it can also hold so much beauty,

Twisted in a set of evil lies.

It has a thick wall surrounding it,

High enough to protect as guard.

But sometimes the emotions leak out,

Leaving you feel unarmed.

It is a place that I put you long ago,

To try to hide away from the pain.

It is a refuge that I tried to seek,

Knowing it was nothing but a twisted game.

I created this refuge long ago,

So I wouldn’t be able to remember your name.

That is where I put this love for you,

So I wouldn’t have to deal with the pain.

I had forgotten you were there,

Until I felt you break out again.

Reminding me of what was,

And what could have been.

This refuge had kept me safe for so long,

The idea of you had faded away.

But it didn’t matter how secure I made it,

You decided it wasn’t the place for you to stay.

You always manage to find your way out,

Haunting me in my dreams.

You always manage to find your place,

Standing there in front of me.

No matter how many times I try to take you back,

Putting you in the dark place where you belong,

You always seem to light the way back,

And keep me up til dawn.

For now, I will hold on to your lock and key,

And a watchful eye on your ways.

I know you will find your way back there,

In the place where your heart is meant to stay.

The dark place is where you belong,

In a place where I can forget,

All of the pain that we have been through,

And all of the lies that you refuse to admit.

The dark place is where I feel safe,

Knowing that you won’t be free,

Where my soul can be alive,

And you are no longer haunting me.

This poem speaks to me in so many ways and I hope it does to you do. Leave a comment below with your thoughts and how it feels to you. <3

Featured image via Bart LaRue on Unsplash


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