8 LUSH Products You Need To Survive The Summer Heat

Summer is here. Swimming pools, the ocean, popsicles, bikinis, margaritas, sunscreen, road trips and summer flings. Here are 8 LUSH products that will help you conquer the summer humidity and heat and keep you looking your best.

1. R&B

This after-shower leave in hair conditioner smells like a tropical island. It was designed for folks with unruly tresses to smooth frizzy hair. Made with avocado butter, olive, jojoba and coconut oils and candelilla wax, this buttery cream is a must have in the summer heat and humidity.

Tip: This is very rich in texture, so only use a little bit at a time and apply to the ends of your hair.

2. Silky Underwear

This is a new product in my collection and has become a holy grail LUSH product for me. This velvety jasmine powder contains kaolin and was designed to absorb moisture and keep you dry and smooth in the summer heat. Small enough to keep in your purse, this is a must have.

Tip: This product has multiple purposes: sprinkle it in your sheets, on your roots as a dry shampoo, on your skin to soak up oils from heavy moisturizers, set your deodorant, you name it!

3. Ocean Salt

This beachy scrub is a bestselling classic. Coarse sea salt and coconut oil make this product the perfect face and body scrub for summer. Its punchy citrus scent comes from the lime oil and limes extracted from in vodka will certainly brighten your skin and make you feel so fancy.

Tip: There is a preservative free version as well, but careful not to scrub too hard on your face. Sea salt can be a little too coarse for the sensitive skin of the face.

4. Sea Spray

This volumizing sea spray will give your locks texture and wave! Use on dry or damp hair, this spray will revitalize your hair, add shine, and give hold to your hair. Great for adding texture for styling, or spritz on just to smell the intoxicating blend of orange flower, neroli, and rosewood perfumes. Perfect for summer and will make you feel like your beach-side.

Tip: If you can’t afford the spray, feel free to make your own DIY spray with minimal ingredients!

5. Don’t Look At Me Mask

This gorgeous face mask is one of the newer products in the fresh mask line. Its blue gritty texture makes you want to slap it all over your face. Made with ground rice to exfoliate, lime, and lemon juice to brighten, and murumuru butter to moisturize, this mask is perfect for summer. You can feel it working wonders on your skin, and your complexion will feel as bright as the sun.

Tip: These masks need to be kept in the fridge as they have fresh ingredients!

6. Shimmy Shimmy

I’m not a big fan of shimmer, but if you like a little sparkle in your summer ensemble, this is the product for you. Made with vanilla and lavender with a hint of clary sage, this heart-shaped body bar shares the scent of cult favorite American Cream hair conditioner. Skin softening butters give you a subtle sparkle and a pinky-bronze glow for summer. Great to use on the legs!

Tip: There are darker bars for a deeper bronze or a strawberry bar for a yummy smell. Too heavy for you? Sprinkle some dusting powder to soak up excess oils!

7. Foot Soak and Fancy-Free

Summer means sandals, flip flops, and heels. In other words, it’s pedicure season for many. However, you don’t need to splurge money when you can do it yourself! This bath bomb style foot fizz will give your feet a soak to get you ready for a DIY pedicure. Made with ingredients to soften hard skin, like Epsom and fine sea salts, and Irish moss powder, this product is a must have to revive dull winter feet.

8. Eau Roma Water

Designed to be a toner, this rosewater mist is refreshing and beautiful. While the lavender oil balances skin’s oils and complexion, the rosewater soothes and cools irritations and keeps redness away.  I always make a DIY rosewater mist for summer on those brutally hot afternoons.

Tip: Keep this bottle in the fridge for an extra cooling and refreshing mist.

There you have it, folks. 8 incredible LUSH products that customers (including myself) swear by. The summer heat can make you a little wild, but keep your cool and style with a little help from LUSH. Happy shopping!

Featured image via LUSH


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