Why You Are Better Than The Endless Chances You Give

The thing about second chances is that they always turn into more. It’s never one more shot to get this right. It’s never one more time you are allowed back in. It’s never one more screw up and you are gone. The people we give second chances to are the ones that will always come back looking for more.

He will keep coming back, looking for another chance with you. And you give it to him every time. He will keep coming back, asking for something more and giving you less. And you will accept. He will keep coming back, expecting you to wait for him to be done fucking around because he knows that he has you. And you will give in because of the list of excuses you have made for him.

It is meant to be – We are meant to be; It’s romantic how he always comes back to work on us. It’s not. He is sorry this time; He just got caught up in his emotions with another girl. He is not sorry. It is going to be different this time; He has really changed this time and he is going to be better. He won’t.  I love him – I can’t let him go; I don’t think I can do better. You can and you will. It will never happen again – It is real this time; He promised he won’t do it again. He will.

If he wasn’t a permanent fixture in the past and doesn’t really like to stick around for the present, why does he deserve a piece of your future? If he couldn’t commit to you before, what makes you think that tomorrow is going to be better? If he didn’t want to take the time out of his precious schedule to be with you, what makes you think he will make that time for your in his future? If he made you an option, what makes you think he will ever make you a priority?

It’s in the moment that you walk away from it all that you will throw him off his game. It will take him some time to see that you are gone, but he will not know what to do. It’s in the moments that you stop the madness that he will see what he is losing. It will leave him being the one that is uneasy and unsure, but finally, he will see what it was like in your shoes after all this time. It’s in the moments that you take that first step on your own that you will break free from the chance of the past creeping up again. It will leave you feeling uneasy, but you will soon realize that you were strong enough to do this all along. Letting him go just lets you be the strong bitch you have always wanted to be.

And then he will come back again like he always does. You may stumble a little at the idea he is back again, but this time is different. This time you have found your voice and you are free. This time you are not giving in. This time you are brave enough to walk on your own. That’s when you are reminded how far you’ve come on your own. He didn’t help you to get to where you are now, other than allowing your voice to break free. He brought out the strength in you that needed to be released. He gave you a reason to be stronger than who you were, so show him the person you were meant to be all along.

Every day you let go of those second and third chances with him, you will feel a hell of a lot stronger than you were holding on to him. You aren’t the girl that is meant to wait around for him. You are meant to run wild and free. You are more than an option; You are meant to be someone’s priority.

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