When You Realize You Can Remove The Toxic Things From Your Life

I wrote this poem after tedious reflection on some of the relationships I have been in. I’ve realized that I have let toxic people into my life that didn’t deserve a second of my time. All too often I allow myself to accept love that is far less than what I deserve. Being cheated on was probably the biggest inspiration I had to write this piece. I realize that not everyone will let you grow. Here’s to new beginnings and realizing that I can remove the toxic things from my life.


When I was younger,
I would bring my mother dandelions,
confusing their bright look
for flowers –
something my father brought home
to show adoration
and love.

No one corrected my mistake.
Maybe that’s why you were so appealing to me .

You see, I wanted a flower with roots deep,
the strongest of winds could not knock it down.
I wouldn’t even have minded a rose,
with thorns that would prick me,

but just for protection.
But you –

you had no roots and planted yourself
wherever you wanted,

blowing carelessly in the wind.

The problem with weeds is that
they kill everything around them .

You stopped me from growing,
from loving, from blooming.
Like a weed,

you stayed much longer than something should.

No matter where I turn,
I see you,
or something that looks like you.

I’m trying to begin again a whole new garden,
but it’s weeds like you that steal my sunshine and soil
and either leave me
drowning or in a drought.

You are keeping me captive by keeping me
pressed between pages,
thinking that something that is dying
is beauty.

Featured Image via Pexels


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