6 Hilarious Stories From Lecture You Need To Read To Believe

Some pretty funny things happen in large lectures, whether its someone drooling on their desk or a professor making a fool out of themselves. People who attended large lectures were asked to share their craziest stories in a question on Reddit. Here are 6 students who managed to stick out from the rest.

1. When the sociology class was low-key a social experiment for this guy.

I took a very early morning sociology 100 class last year, and it was not very entertaining. Many people had their various ways of coping with the monotonous professor. The kid who sat in the row behind me every morning, however, chose to pretend to be a Polish immigrant named Pasha, who would loudly and very inappropriately answer questions in a thick Polish accent.

I knew it was a joke because he sat behind me and I could hear him talk to his friends about what he was going to say. The professor and her various TA’s probably could have, at some point, referenced a master class list to see if this kid was for real. However, seeing as how it was a 500+ seat lecture hall, it caught them completely off-guard whenever he’d raise his hand. He would then proceed to loudly shout his questions/answers before actually called on, whether or not they were relevant to discussion or lecture.

Prof: Who can remind us all what it took to be legitimate on the streets of ____ from our last reading on gang violence?

Pasha: Hello, Pasha. It took the living of men to kill.


Prof: Yes, they had to have killed another man, correct Pasha. Thank you.

He never “broke character”, and neither he nor his friends ever broke out laughing or anything in the middle of this – they played it totally cool to see what the prof would do. A lot of people who sat around me didn’t find it amusing at all, and clearly thought he was being very disrespectful, but it was a sociology class after all – and I thought he was performing a pretty interesting social experiment.

2. Don’t fall asleep in class kids.

One of my past professors had a reputation for being a hard-ass. Basically if you take the class seriously and give him your full attention 100% of the time, he will treat you fairly.

Second day of class, someone falls asleep. Professor continues lecturing, and without slowing his speech, takes out his phone and starts looking through something on it. He stops talking, walks down the aisle, and takes a picture of the sleeping kid. He then explains that he keeps the pictures in case the student comes to argue about the grade they received in the class. Everyone in the class laughed, and the sleeping kid woke up completely confused as to what was going on.

He ended up being one of the best professors I’ve ever had. Super nice guy. Funny, too. Just don’t screw around with him.

3. That one class you expect to be easy: Rage Quit.

Final Exam in my music history class. This kid starts screeching, I don’t know how else to describe, and everyone looks over at him. We thought he was having a seizure or something, and then he just points at the professor and starts yelling, “**** YOU, ARE YOU ****ING KIDDING? WHAT THE *** IS WRONG WITH YOU? WHY WOULD YOU MAKE THIS TEST SO ****NG HARD, IT’S A ****ING MUSIC CLASS!!!” Takes the test, scantron, and pencil, and throws them to the ground and storms out of the class. To be honest it was a really hard test for a basic music history class, but his outburst was hilarious.

4. Fine education and fine dining.

I had class with a girl who would bring in full on meals. One time she sat down, opened her styrofoam clamshell container and started eating her double stack of dinner plate sized Belgian waffles. Brought her own silverware and everything.

5. If caffeine doesn’t have enough of a kick.

I had to take a biology class just for the general ed. requirement. Of course, it was one of those giant lecture hall classes with more than a hundred people. I like to sit towards the front just to make sure I can hear everything and what not. Anyway, down the aisle from me, usually, would be this small Asian girl, very quiet. Now, the lecture was pretty early, I think it was at about 8:15 AM. How does this small Asian girl stay awake? She hits herself. Full on. Punching herself in the neck/shoulder area and slapping herself in the face. It got to a point where the professor just stopped mid-sentence and asked her if she was okay. Was she?

6. You have to know that the end is near.

Freshman year, physics one for engineers. At my school the freshman year seems as if it’s a weed out year for engineers. All the classes are stupid hard, physics especially. The averages on our two midterms were a 40 and a 44. 20 minutes into the final some random kid stands up and screams, “IT’S TOO ****ING HARD!” Proceeds to rip his exam in half and run out of the lecture hall.

College students should have their own reality show, who needs The Bachelor and the Kardashians? Crazy shit happens in places of higher learning. After all, it is 4+ years of endless shenanigans. Stories like these may seem over exaggerated, but I assure you, crazy is the new normal in college.

Featured image via screengrab of Legally Blonde


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