Top 10 Nicholas Sparks Movies You Need To Watch This Valentine’s Day

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With Valentine’s Day approaching fast, it’s the time of year we notice a lot of love stories on TV. Whether it’s a romantic storyline heating up or reruns of the greatest romance movies known to man, it’s in our faces. And while everyone tries to make plans for February 14th, binging a few romance movies is bound to happen whether you’re celebrating with your bae, besties or by yourself. If there’s one set of movies that always manage to tug at their viewers’ heartstrings, it’s the collection of movies based on Nicholas Sparks novels. His books are amazingly easy to read and always manage to make us fall in love. His movies, however, are able to capture our hearts in a different way than books – especially for non-readers.

Everyone has a favorite Nicholas Sparks movie, similar to how they have a favorite book of his. The tough question, however, is which ones are actually the best. How can you possibly choose one to watch around Valentine’s Day or create your own mini-marathon with so many choices? Don’t worry, we’ve compiled a list of his best movies that will make you fall in love.

10. The Choice (2016)

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While I think this is arguably one of his best books, the movie didn’t quite live up to the same hype. I was giddy the whole time reading it because of the chemistry of the characters, but compared to other movies of his, the co-stars in this film didn’t have any chemistry. I love the storyline and how the choice comes about, I just didn’t think it was as great as the book and was left slightly disappointed when comparing it to his other movies too.

9. Dear John (2010)

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The casting of Channing Tatum to play John was excellent, and I thought Amanda Seyfried as Savannah was equally great. I just found this movie didn’t have as much love in it as his other adaptations. But when they are together, you couldn’t help but want to have that connection with someone.

8. Message in a Bottle (1999)

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The tale of a woman finding a message in a bottle and tracking down the author is a story we’ve seemingly heard time and time again. However, the journey of identifying the mystery author and how their story transpires is what is so intriguing. You really get so hooked on piecing the puzzle together that you forget it’s also a love story.

7. The Best of Me (2014)

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It’s a little cheesy in the typical rough boy meets good girl under horrific circumstances, but it works well in the film adaptation. This movie has everything from action to love triangles and rekindling old flames. But where the tears truly come in is at the end where you find yourself watching a plot twist that leaves you ugly crying for an hour after.

6. Safe Haven (2013)

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This is arguably one of the most surprising Nicholas Sparks movies in the sense that the roles are reversed. The female lead, Erin, is going through some trouble when she falls in love with Alex, and their love story is full of lies, secrets, explosions (literally) and an unexpected surprise you truly don’t see coming. Yet, Julianne Hough and Josh Duhamel have such undeniable chemistry that you get emotionally involved in it straightaway.

5. The Lucky One (2012)

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Zac Efron stars as a Marine veteran who loves his dog. What more is there to love? But his performance as Logan is so swoon-worthy. This film has so many layers from battling mental health, abuse, love triangles, family businesses, and passionate love-making. Personally, I just love seeing Zac Efron playing such a passionate and romantic man – but that’s for you to judge. He is just so convincing in this role!

4. The Longest Ride (2015)

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No, it’s not about having sex as the title suggests – but you do get to see a lot of shirtless Scott Eastwood scenes. The story, however, is about a bull rider falling for an art student and what happens after they rescue an elderly man. On top of that, the stories the old man tells about his wife add a whole other love story to the film – so you get invested in two separate stories. And the chemistry between the lead roles is just… so believable.

3. The Last Song (2010)

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This young adult romance is one of the more relatable stories by Nicholas Sparks in terms of the kind of love they find, only it’s more romanticized. The chemistry between Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth was so radiant, mainly because they were in the process of falling in love themselves. Hence, as a viewer, you really get swept in the love story with them. And in true Nicholas Sparks fashion, a major plot twist occurs that leaves you sobbing for the rest of the movie – but that’s the only bad thing about this movie.

2. A Walk to Remember (2002)

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I have nothing bad to say about this movie except for the fate of the characters in the end. Mandy Moore and Shane West were so believable with their chemistry that people for years felt they actually fell in love and still believe they will one day. The whole bad boy falls for a good girl and changes his way is predictable and romantic. Yet we can’t help but get invested and crave the kind of love they have. I’m still praying for a man to love me as much as Landon loves Jamie.

1. The Notebook (2004)

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Surprise, surprise. How could this not top our list? Noah is arguably one of the most romantic men on screen in the history of cinema. The forbidden fruit type of romance is incredibly desirable and the intense passion between the lead characters makes you root for them as a couple even more. Plus, the balance between modern-day and fifty years prior was so refreshing. From the flash-forwards to the letters, iconic lines and kisses, it is one of the greatest love stories known to mankind. I also loved that the movie is slightly different than the book so you can enjoy it all over again even if you read the book after watching the film.

Nicholas Sparks has the ability to pull the reader into his mind and articulate his stories on the page so beautifully that it’s no wonder that the screenplays based on his works are equally as great. The only difference is that now, as a viewer, you’re seeing what he was talking about rather than using your imagination. Regardless, I think we all want our own Landon Carters and Noah Calhoun in our lives and we deserve to have men who love us as they loved their women.

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